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Hybrid Cars – Selling out due to High Gas Prices

April 22nd, 2006

Hybrid Cars – Selling out due to High Gas Prices

Ford Escape Hybrid

The United States is reaching new highs in gasoline prices due to Iran issues as well as the aftermath from Hurricane Katrina damaging fuel refineries.  Going to the pump in California you can expect to see $3.00 a gallon for the cheapest gas, which has stirred the State Government officials to investigate possible price gouging.

It is traditionally known that fuel prices tend to go higher during the summer months.  With price hikes so early this year, it will be very likely that the end of the fuel rise will not be over for quite a few months.


What some consumers have done is purchased hybrid cars to commute to and from work.  All of the major networks including NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN have run stories about the hybrid cars.  Nightline said that they went shopping from car dealers in search of buying a hybrid car and they are all sold out.  If GM could mass produce these hybrids at a profit, they might be able to help pull out of their financial problems.  The demand for the hybrid is finally sticking as the price at the pump goes up.

It is a stressful situation for many people that have to commute to go to work each day.  With double the cost of fuel it can add hundreds of dollars to their monthly living expenses.


A news report by ABC 7 Los Angeles said that some people are selling their possessions at pawnshops to get money to pay for gas.

The ABC7 Los Angeles report said the following:

“Nationally, consumers struggle to stretch their pennies to fill up at the pump.  With gas prices so high, some people are selling their possessions to buy gas to put in their cars.  So far, people are pawning their watches, DVD’s, CD’s, video games and jewelry.  They are telling shop owners they need the money to buy gas.  One pawnshop owner in Virginia says business at her store has doubled since gas prices have risen and she expects her business to grow as long as gas prices rise.”


Expensive fuel prices will put a crunch on the cost of goods and can really hurt the economy on a whole.  The cost to ship and transport items will cost more.  This will raise the price for everything.  Because many people are stretched with the extra expense of not only gas prices for their car, but also heating prices to heat their homes, there isn’t much money left over for spending at the local stores.

The benefits of the hybrid car help in reducing pollution and will use less gas compared to a regular gas vehicle.  A hybrid car uses both electric and gas to power the vehicle.  It greatly reduces the amount of emissions.  There is an extra expense to the batteries; however the government has a tax rebate credit if you purchase a hybrid this year.  The tax credit depends on the hybrid car that you purchase.

Hopefully car manufacturers can ramp up production of the hybrids as the demand is now here.  Many people are faced with a need for an inexpensive vehicle to commute to work with and some people have started to use public transportation to help in avoiding the extra high fuel costs.

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