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Credit Card companies offer 5% Gas Rebate Cards – Could help save money with High Cost of Fuel

May 9th, 2006

Credit Card companies offer 5% Gas Rebate Cards – Could help save money with High Cost of Fuel

Ethanol E85
gas pump

The cost of gas just seems to go up to a new high every day lately.  The price at my local gas station was $3.49 for the cheapest gas.  This price seems to keep creeping up and putting a dent in the budget.

One way that you could save a little bit of money despite the high prices of gas is by using a credit card that offers a 5% Gas rebate.  You get a 5% credit back when you buy gas with their card.  With a 5% discount the $3.49 per gallon price would be $3.32 per gallon.  If you have a 25 gallon gas tank you could save $4.25 in just one stop.  This could add up over time.

Discover, Chase and AAA credit cards are just some of the different credit cards that offer the 5% rebate on gas purchases.  There are probably more credit cards that offer this promotion.  The Hess credit card offered by Chase is offering a 10% rebate on purchases for Hess gas locations for the first 90 days of opening an account with them.


Boodle, a company that provide coupons for grocery shopping to over 390 leading newspapers has online coupons that you can print.  By clipping coupons for your grocery bill you can offset the cost of the higher gas prices.  They estimate that you could save 10% off of your grocery bill if you shop with coupons.  Their website is boodle.com.

Another grocery coupon website called coupons.com offers them same coupon services.  What I liked about their website is that they have an RSS feed for all their current coupons which makes it easy to scan all the new offerings without browsing a website.  The RSS feed will automatically update as they offer new coupons.


You can always try to use less gas too, so it won’t break the bank.  If you are due for a new car you could purchase a hybrid car that runs on gas and electric.  The other option is to look for a vehicle that supports the ethanol 85 fuel and if you have access to this kind of gas you also could save some money.  Most of the E85 pumps are in the Midwest at this time.  You could also share a ride into work with rideshare, or public transportation.


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