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Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs Patio Furniture offers many Choices Wood, Aluminum, Cast Iron and Plastic

June 3rd, 2006

Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs  Patio Furniture offers many Choices  Wood, Aluminum, Cast Iron and Plastic

Aluminum Chaise Lounge Chair

Summer time again and it is time to get outdoors again to enjoy the swimming pool and a barbeque.  Have you been looking to upgrade or update your patio furniture?  The chaise lounge chair is a very popular outdoor patio furniture choice.  When looking for a chaise lounge or a set of patio furniture you should consider the benefits to each type of material used to build the furniture.

Depending on your location and your climate and your budget you will be shopping for different types of patio furniture.  You might have high winds that may exclude lightweight plastic patio furniture no matter how much you want to go with plastic.  If you have to winterize your patio furniture you will want easy to remove patio cushions.  If you plan to store or need portable furniture for a day at the beach lightweight and foldable is the goal.


A new trend in patio furniture the in the last year has been a surge of Adirondack patio furniture.  This is a style that is made out of wood that have wide arm rest and a very rustic look.  It can compliment many home decors and offer a timeless style.

Other wood chaise lounges are made of a variety of wood and there are a wide variety of styles.  The benefits to a wood chase lounge chair is that they offer the weight to withstand wind and have slats that will allow for the wind to not pick up the furniture and blow them away in the wind.  The bad part of this type of chaise lounge is that it can be hard and uncomfortable without adding a padded cushion.  You also may have to refinish the chair from time to time to prevent the elements from weathering the chair.  The prices for wood chaise lounge chairs are reasonably priced and range from $230 up to $500.  You can also make one yourself if you are handy with woodworking.  There are also ready to assemble kits that may be less expensive.


An aluminum chaise lounge chair offers a lightweight and rust resistance frame.  Often a chaise lounge with aluminum will have a comfortable cushion either included or built into the chair.  The cost of this time of chaise lounge can range in price from $300 to $2,700 delivered cost including shipping.  There is a wide variety of cost depending on the design of the chair.

Wrought iron or cast iron outdoor chaise lounge chairs are for those that need weather and wind resistance patio furniture.  The iron is treated and coated to prevent against rust, however over time this can be worn off and cause the furniture to rust, which may require refinishing this furniture.  Rust can also stain cement.  It is heavy enough not to be blown in a strong wind which is important for people that live with strong winds.  The price for wrought iron chaise lounge chairs range in price from $450 up to $1,300 delivered cost including shipping.

Plastic is an affordable way to buy a chaise lounge chair.  The downfall is that it will be blown in the wind easily.  It can cause damage and be damaged if you do not put away in a storm.  The sun can cause the surface of the plastic to oxidize over time.  This will vary from the quality of the plastic used, however in time oxidization will occur and it can become brittle.  Once oxidization starts, it can also stain the plastic and cause dirt to stick.  It can become difficult to difficult to clean off the chair when this happens.  Good quality plastic chaise lounge chairs range in price from $400 to $500 delivered cost including shipping.


Another cost effective material is steal.  A chaise lounge chair made in steel usually has a painted frame.  It is designed as a portable lounge chair.  Good quality chairs of this type will range from $100 to $200 delivered cost including shipping.

If you are looking for long time classic patio furniture, think about having removable cushions on your chaise lounge chair.  Good solid frames, with wheels that allow it to be moved easily are important features for an outdoor chaise lounge.

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Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs at Amazon

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