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Closeouts and Bargain Hunting – NBC’s Today Show how to Save Money Shopping

June 13th, 2006

Closeouts and Bargain Hunting – NBC’s Today Show how to Save Money Shopping

Great Buys by
Sue Goldstein

On NBC’s Today Show one of the topics that was discussed was how to be a bargain hunter.  Sue Goldstein, who has 35 years of experience in bargain hunting, has shared some of her tips.  She is the author of “Great Buys for People Over 50 (How to save Money on Everything)” and also has other titles related to bargain shopping.

Websites that Goldstein visits are Nextag and Overstock.  Nextag is a price comparison website for household goods, loans, and tickets.  Overstock is a website that is a combination of an online auction site and closeouts.  Overstock auctions is similar to eBay in they way they have many sellers.  Other price comparisons not mentioned is Pricewatch for computer and electronics, Shopping.com and Froogle.  There are other price comparison sites as well.


Goldstein recommends buying last year’s model.  If the item is old without use it is as good as new.  She purchased an eating utensil set for half the cost because it was last years design.

She also strongly recommended the website consumersearch.com.  This website offers comparisons of many products.  It will get you started on understanding important features, and if there are potential problems with the product.

Watching the television, reading the newspaper, and listening to the radio can help alert you to local sales in your area.  If there is a store wide clearance sale there usually is an advertising campaign to let the customers know of the event.

Goldstein said to check out the local 99 cents store.  These dollar stores often stock an abundance of closeout items.  Inventory changes as they have lots of closeouts.  There are savings hear, but make sure that you focus on the items that you need.  It can add up to a lot of money if you buy completely on impulse.


She also said that you should know your prices on the item that you want to buy.  If you do your homework, you will know that you have the best price.  That may mean you will be visiting a couple of stores and browsing on the internet before making the purchase.  Be prepared to walk away from a sales person if the price is not right.

According to NBC today, there is 82.3 billion dollars spent on purchases by the internet in the last year.  While there are numerous online websites to buy almost anything, purchasing big ticket items online can ad up to big savings. 

You can get online airline discounts.  If you are looking for a discount on airline travel, Today show recommended kayak.com, mobissimo.com, and orbitz.com.  Be willing to travel off season or when others don’t want to travel, (think red eye flight).  If you are willing to be flexible on the time and duration of your trip and you can save big on air travel.


You can purchase an automobile online too.  Websites that Today recommended for auto shopping was on eBay and kbb.com (Kelly Blue Book).  They also suggested that you can get a discount on a new car by buying a 2006 model starting now.  The later it is in the year the more the discount due to the need to clear out inventory for the 2007 models.

If you are willing to wait for last years model you can save a sizeable amount of money when shopping for you clothes, appliances, furniture, and automobiles.

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