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Robotic Lawn Mowers – Sit back and Watch the Grass get mowed

June 18th, 2006

Robotic Lawn Mowers – Sit back and Watch the Grass get mowed

RoboMower RL1000 model

If your lawn is in dire need for regular mowing, and you can’t seem to find the time, or be inspired to get out there to cut the grass, you might want to look into a robotic lawn mower.

One company, Friendly Robotics, manufacturers a robotic lawn mower called RoboMower.  They offer two different models the RL850, and the RL1000.  The RL850 is one that you need to park when it is done cutting while the RL1000 is fully programmable that will mow on a schedule and will dock itself when not in use.


Both RoboMowers are capable of mowing 5,400 square feet at session.  It uses a rechargeable battery that runs for approximately 2.5- 3 hours when fully charged.  It takes approximately 20 hours to fully recharge a drained battery.  The RoboMower also has built in theft protection so if you are not watching the mower someone won’t be easily able to steal the unit.

RL1000 model has a docking bay for automatically hooking up to recharge the battery.  This model also has a pre-mow warning buzzer 5 minutes prior to warn people that the mower is about to begin cutting grass.


There is a sensor built into the RoboMower that are able to detect obstacles and will change path and work around the item.  It is able to edge grass along sidewalks.  The mower chops the grass into fine bits which makes it not necessary to rake the lawn afterwards.

There is a set up initially to mark out the perimeter of your lawn.  You install a wire around your house.  The wire has a small electrical charge and this signals the RoboMower not to cross this line.

RoboMower is available online and at some retail outlets.  The cost of the RoboMower RL850 starts at the low $1,000’s.  The RL1000 retails for around $1,800.


Now only if there was a robot to do all of the house chores….

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