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Home Schooling – The Pros and Cons to Teaching your Child at Home

June 22nd, 2006

Home Schooling – The Pros and Cons to Teaching your Child at Home

Drawing of an old school house

If you have considered home schooling your child, you probably are concerned about being able to provide them the best education and at the same time make sure that they are able to socialize with children that are their same age.  Having your child home school could be beneficial; however there are also pitfalls to watch out for along the way to insure that they are getting the best education.

Homeschool does not mean that you don’t teach your child, it means that you will be doing more teaching at home than you would if you sent your child to school.  The public school system can be helpful if you don’t have the time available to sit down and teach your child on a daily basis.


If you do have the time set aside each day to teach your child, then you are a good candidate for home schooling.  You are able to spend valuable time with your children and continue to bond with them, as you teach, and they learn.  You are able to teach moral and ethical beliefs that accommodate your view point.

Your child could benefit for the one on one teaching when you homeschool.  The large classroom settings can make it hard for a child to learn if the teacher is not able to spend enough time with the child.  As classroom size continues to expand this becomes more prevalent for the need for more individualized education.

If your child is homeschooled you might find that they excel in certain subjects.  By encouraging learning on a daily basis, you are not holding your child back trying to conform to a classroom of children all at various education levels.  This gives an opportunity to use home schooling to further excel your child.


The public schools are a potpourri of the community that surrounds it.  This means that your child could be exposed to other kids that do not share the same values as yours.  This could be a negative influence to your beliefs and morals.  If you live in a gang ridden neighborhood it could be dangerous to send your child to school. 

If you plan to homeschool, don’t think that you will be off duty from socializing your children.  You will need to either sign you children up with after school activities, or you will get to know other homeschool parents in your area and join together for activities.

Christians often want to homeschool their children to shield themselves from outside influences.  While this can be a good thing, a child will still need to learn how to interact with other children and grow into adults that can function in today’s society.


Some school districts offer a homeschool program, which gives you the curriculum to follow.  You report to the local district for assessment testing to insure that your child is up to grade level throughout the school year.    Local churches often recommend or have home schooling options available.  Another way to get guidance with home schooling is to apply to an online accredited homeschool program.  You can complete assignments over the internet.  Online homeschools often have trained teachers overseeing your child’s education so that you are not going it alone.

Home schooling is not “no schooling.”  It is a full time job that requires your attention as a parent.  It means that you will have more work to do instead of less work to do in order to make sure your child is learning at grade level and beyond.  Many children have benefited from home schooling and often are well educated.

If you are not sure you want to take the plunge into home schooling, you can always try a test run during the summer to see if it could work for you.  If you find that home schooling your child during summer vacation worked well, it can help in deciding to do it full time

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