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Pole Barn Kit How to Shop for a Do-it-Yourself Wood Frame Building Kits

June 28th, 2006

Pole Barn Kit  How to Shop for a Do-it-Yourself Wood Frame Building Kits

Example of a pole barn kit assembled

Outdoor stand alone buildings can be constructed by yourself to allow extra storage for farm equipment and animals, RVs, and even to have your own workshop.  Whatever your idea is, you can customize a pole barn kit to fit your needs.  Pole barn kits offer a discounted way to build a structure with straightforward assembly which is completed on the location.  It will save you a bunch of time as the roof trusses are already pre-built.

You can expect to pay $6399 for a pole barn starter kit 30ft. x 40ft. x 10ft.  The prices can go up with the more features that you want in the pole barn.  If you want extra windows, more doors, these are extra costs to the kit.  A large pole barn 40ft. x 84ft. x 14ft. you can expect to pay around $14,499 for a basic kit.  Prices can vary depending on were you live.


The kit does not include a cement floor, which you will need to figure into the price.  You can either rent a cement truck or pour your own cement floor or you can hire this part out.  The larger the building, the more likely you will want to hire the job out to a professional cement company to come in and complete the job.

What is included in a pole barn kit?  You receive already to go pre-engineered wood trusses for the roofing.  Depending on the kit you get, you will likely get a wood framework.  If you get a wood frame work they will provide the wood frame boards.  You will get steel siding, roofing and trim.  Depending on how customized of a kit you get you will get the doors, windows, or garage door as specified when you ordered your kit.  They usually include building plans which are important for assembling the pole barn as well as getting the appropriate building permits in your area to assemble your building.

Manufacturers of these kits are plentiful online.  It would be best to talk with several to get quotes for your area.  The closer the manufacturer the more likely they will be not only cheaper in their final price, but also more knowledgeable about building codes in your area. 


Make sure that you can build a pole barn in your area.  If you live in an area that does not allow this kind of building you could be forced to tear it down at a later date.  You need to have permission to build a pole barn from you local city building authority.  Once you know that you can do so, make sure to ask if there are any specific requirements to meet for the building of a pole barn.

Knowing if there are any specific requirements from your local government building authority is important.  The manufacturers are more than likely very well educated in putting together kits for different areas; however it is your final responsibility to know that you are able to build a particular building that meets the requirements and will pass building codes set forth in your area.

After you have a number of quotes from multiple pole barn kit manufacturers you should make sure if the shipping has been included in the quote for the delivery of your building project.  If shipping and delivery cost are not included you can contact them for another quote that will include this price.  If shipping and delivery is included it needs to state this on the quote.  Also make sure that they can give a delivery time from the time that you order.  You dont want to set back months while you wait for your kit to arrive.


If you live on a dirt road or have a difficult location to deliver to, make sure to let the pole barn kit manufacturers know about this as trucking companies may charge extra for delivering to your location, or worse yet not deliver you order at all.

Plan the time of year that would be best for building your pole barn kit.  Get the area ready were you are going to be building the pole barn.  Make sure you can schedule in a few friends to help with the project, or be ready to hire help if needed.  You can save a bunch of money if you assemble your own pole barn kit, however you need to be ready to work extra hours putting the building together, and you will need to deal with the building permits and passing inspection with the building inspector.

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