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Summer Activities on a Budget – Ten things you can do with your Kids this Summer Vacation

July 20th, 2006

Summer Activities on a Budget – Ten things you can do with your Kids this Summer Vacation


You might be counting the weeks until your children return back to school.  They have already enjoyed going off to summer camp and now they are back looking for something to do.  If your children are so bored, you might want to try some of these things to do for the rest of the summer to help get you through the last days of summer vacation.

1.  Go Swimming.  Check with you city for locations of a public swimming pool or lake.  If you have young children you can set up your own kiddy swimming pool.  Make sure to be careful for your child’s safety.

2.  Watch a movie as a family.  Pick a family movie night.  Rent a DVD movie that is family friendly and make a bowl of popcorn for your own movie night at home.


3.  Do some fun learning games.  It is never too late to teach your child, even in the summer.  If there is any kinds of games that your child can learn from.  It could be a board game, or a game of memory.  It can be helpful to work on school work at home, but make it fun and not as demanding as regular school.  They will be less likely to dispute learning if you disguise it into a fun game.  It can be very beneficial in preparing your child for the next school year.

4.  Do a science experiment.  This can amuse your child and they can have a project to work on throughout the summer.  You could have them collect bugs for the summer.  You could have them report everyday’s temperature and weather.  If you mix baking soda and vinegar together find out what happens.  There are endless science experiments your child can do for hours of entertaining fun.  Cooking projects could also become a science experiment, as your kids learn how to measure.  They can learn why bread rises.  Gardening can be a science project in the works too. Getting your child involved with an on going project can be helpful from the child getting bored.


5.  Ride a bike with your child.  You can get outdoors too and you child will love the fun of riding bike together as a family.  Not only is riding bike an inexpensive hobby, but you getting exercise at the same time.  If you don’t ride bike, take a walk together.  Play catch, jump rope, or ride scooter.  Your child will love the time spent with you.

6.  Learn Stuff.  Plan to make trips to your local public library this summer.  If they have a summer reading program you can have your child learn a variety of subjects.  You can encourage them to continue to read throughout the summer and keep advancing their reading skills through the summer.  You might find that your child has a special interest that will spark their interest into learning more.  You can look up related television programs on the subject matter to further educate your child.  You can also take a trip to a museum; you will find that if your child is interested in a subject they will be thrilled to go to a museum.

7.  Color with crayons or markers with your child.  Have them create a poster and make it a family affair.  Working together on an art project can be an entertaining and memorable time for your kids.  You can even paint pictures together.  Just spending time being creative is a great way to spend summer vacation.

8.  Visit with their Grandparents.  Spending time with their Grandparents can be a great outing.  They may even want to spend some time over at their Grandparents, so long as Grandma and Grandpa are willing.

9.  Tell them a story. You can have a camp out night at your own house and sit around and tell them a story.  Tell your child about when you were young as they will be willing listeners and will definitely want to hear more.

10.  Have Fun!  Give your child a chance to have fun in between all of your activities with them.  It is good to mix in a little free time with some structured time.

I am sure there are a bunch more fun and exciting things to do during the summer months.  Before you know it the kids will be going back to school soon, so enjoy the rest of summer.

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