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Fat Smash Diet – Four Phase approach to Losing Weight

April 10th, 2006

Fat Smash Diet – Four Phase approach to Losing Weight

The Fat Smash Diet

Dr. Ian Smith is the author of the “Fat Smash Diet” and has helped Hollywood celebrities lose weight on VH1’s best rated show called “Celebrity Fit Club”.  Dr. Smith visited last Friday’s NBC Today show and shared what the different phases of the diet plan entails.

Phase 1 is called Detox Phase.  This phase lasts for 10 days and you limit your diet intake to fruits and vegetables.  The detox phase is intended to help clean your body of imperfections.  Dr. Smith said that people can lose anywhere from 6 – 10 pounds during this phase of the diet.

In Phase 2 called the Foundation you add 3 – 4 ounces of meat or seafood to your diet.  You add oatmeal, yogurt, brown rice and egg whites in addition to the fruit and vegetables that you are already eating.  You also start to add back cheese, cereal, and drinks to your diet.  You also learn about portions, but you don’t count calories.


In Phase 3 called the Construction you spend 4 weeks on this adding freshly squeezed juice and 5 ounces of meat or seafood to your diet.  You also add back pasta, bread and desserts at this time.  You work on getting back larger portions but also learn about quantity control.

In Phase 4 called the Temple, is a life long approach to maintaining your weight.  You can add back bacon, sausage, pancakes, pizza, fries, crab cakes, and more drinks.  Just because you have added all foods back doesn’t mean that you can eat out of control.  There has to be conscious effort to eat smaller portions.


Dr. Smith has based his program on scientific knowledge.  He uses commonly found foods that are inexpensive and readily available at the grocery store.  Dr. Smith has been on many different television shows including “The View.”   He offers knowledge from a perspective of a medical doctor.

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