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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – Scientology ‘Silent Birth’ Does the Baby wear Ear Plugs?

April 13th, 2006

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – Scientology ‘Silent Birth’ Does the Baby wear Ear Plugs?

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Currently there is a lot of talk about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes beliefs in Scientology and having their baby delivered by ‘silent birth’.  Somehow it sounds ridiculous to be silent during the birthing process.  Why not knock out Katie and do a C-section delivery that could be very quite.  That would be silent as ever, but I guess that contradicts with other beliefs of Scientology.

The reality of the birthing process is that the baby is still inside how much can a baby hear?  During the process of delivery of the baby being pushed out the baby is likely to be in shock as it is and I don’t think delivery would be any more traumatic with a little noise.

Who says that you have to yell during your delivery, but if it hurts that much the lady delivering has to do whatever she needs to get through it.  The silliness of this is that you need ‘Scientology’ to have a commonsense approach to a stressful situation.  Delivering a baby is a stressful and potentially painful arrangement for the mother to be.  It makes common sense to stay cool through the whole ordeal; however, to ask for extreme quietness is likely to add stress for the mother delivering the baby.


If Katie is not 100 percent for the whole Scientology thing she is not going to be happy in the birth process of being told what to do and how to do it.  The unhappiness she could potentially feel from the controlling partner might cause more stress for her and also create anger towards Tom. 

Katie sounds like she is being bullied in a nice way, but it can wear thin after a while.  A safe delivery should be top on their list.  How you take care of your child after delivery should be more important to the couple than the notion of noise during delivery.  Having time to bond with the child after being born is more important for a child to be content and calm than just have quite time during delivery.  The delivery should be focused on preventing the child or mother from having any complications.


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes purchased ultrasound equipment during her pregnancy.  While this might be safe, it also might be dangerous to do excessive ultrasounds on an unborn baby.  The use of ultrasound has been questioned for the safety of unborn fetuses by the FDA for unregulated use.  The FDA agrees that ultrasounds are safe is when they are being used by professionals and on a limited basis.  There is concern for the excessive use of ultrasounds by untrained people.

What really matters during delivery is what the mother needs to cope with the stressful situation.  Sometimes a mom to be might want to watch a favorite TV show while the labor pains mount.  Others may want a quiet room to sit in.  It really is a personal preference that a mother should dictate for her own well being during the delivery.  Stress can be minimized in a number of ways.  The mother not the father should be the one who dictates how to cope in the delivery room.  The mom needs to be ready to work hard at delivering the baby and if it takes coaching from a nurse or doctor to encourage a safe delivery then it should be done.


The baby is more than likely going to build the comfort zone and calmness with the mother as the next few months of life occur.  It would be silly to place a ‘silent birth’ over the mothers needs when it is her job to help in a safe delivery.

Tom Cruise should give Katie some room to have a healthy delivery without all the extra pressure to have a 'silent delivery'.  If Katie is for it that's great.

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