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Pulse-LINK Inc. to demonstrate CWave Gigabit Video Streaming Application at CES

Pulse-LINK Inc. to demonstrate CWave Gigabit Video Streaming Application at CES

coaxial cable

Pulse-Link Inc. from Carlsbad, California, will demonstrate its Gigabit-rate CWave Ultra Wideband (UWB) during the Consumer Electronics Show, January 5-8, in Las Vegas.

The company product is a industry first offering Gigabit data rates both wirelessly as well as over coaxial cable and electrical power lines.  Chipsets for the technology will be made available in Q1 2006 for development into applications. 


"Imagine seamlessly connecting the large screen Flat Panel display in your living room to all the other multimedia devices in your home- from the DVD in the bedroom to the video camera in the family room and more. Or, walking into your living room with your laptop and with the push of a button everything displayed on your laptop screen is wirelessly sent to your Flat Panel display for viewing. These are some of the many CWave technology applications we will be debuting at CES," said John Santhoff, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Pulse-LINK. "Pulse-LINK's CWave technology is enabling a paradigm shift in the home entertainment industry by delivering a converged, hybrid wired and wireless network capable of Gigabit data rates and real-time, deterministic delivery of digital content throughout the home."

This will create real-time connections between a variety of electronic digital devices including televisions, camcorders, DVD players, computers, satellite/cable boxes, and game machines without installing new wiring.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer




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