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  Steve Jobs: Computer Genius of Apple

  Steve Jobs: Computer Genius of Apple


Apple’s new iMac computer with Intel Core Duo Processor Twice as Fast

January 10th, 2006

Apple’s new iMac computer with Intel Core Duo Processor Twice as Fast

Apple iMac

Apple computer, for the first time today, showed off the new iMac at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco.  The new iMac uses the Mac OS X operating system and is running on the new Intel Core Duo processor.

The performance is twice as fast as the previous iMac computer.  The Apple iMac also has dual-core processors, built in iSight video camera for video conferencing, and Front Row which is a new application.  The starting price for the new Apple iMac stars at $1,299 and is now shipping.


Every new iMac will be bundled with iLife ’06 which is a suite of software programs; iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, GarageBand and iWeb.  The new program iWeb makes it simple to create and publish your own websites, blogs, and Podcasts.

“The iMac has already been praised as ‘the gold standard of desktop PCs’, so we hope customers really love the new iMac, which is up to twice as fast,”  Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO said. “With Mac OS X plus Intel’s latest dual-core processor under the hood, the new iMac delivers performance that will knock our customers’ socks off.”

Front Row is a software application for interfacing with iTunes music, photo slideshows from iPhoto, videos, Podcasts, iMovies and DVD’s with controllability from IR sensor and remote control.

The iSight video camera comes already installed and ready to video conference with iChat AV software.  You can also use the camera for creating a video Podcast, or make a home video using iMovie.  You can also take image stills with the video camera.


The combination of the hardware with the software bundles Apple includes with the iMac computer make it a solution for graphic, music, and internet related uses and is offering a great packaged solution.  Apple users hopefully will not feel like they are using a PC, as the operating system is familiar.  It should still be a winner for Apple computer users and sounds like the bundled software is a lot of fun.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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