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Intel First to Demonstrate Working 45nm Chips


January 30th, 2006

Intel First to Demonstrate Working 45nm Chips

Intel's  45 nm shuttle test chip Die Photo

Intel announced today that it has reached a milestone in the development of the 45 nanometer (nm) logic technology.  Intel believes they are the first to have a fully working SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) chip that uses the 45 nm technology.

Intel said that this accomplishment is going to make it possible to manufacturer chips using this technology in 2007.  At this time Intel has semiconductors using 65 nm process technologies being manufactured in Arizona, and in Oregon.  Intel will add more 65 nm manufacturing to Ireland and another plant in Oregon.

“Being first to high volume with 65nm process technology and the first with a working 45nm chip highlights Intel’s leadership position in chip technology and manufacturing,” said Bill Holt, vice president, general manger, Intel Technology and Manufacturing Group. “Intel has a long history of translating technology leaps into tangible benefits that people appreciate. Our 45nm technology will provide the foundation for delivering PCs with improved performance–per– watt that will enhance the user experience.”


Intel’s new 45nm process technology will make it possible for less power consumption and will make it better for mobile devices.  Intel has announced two high-volume fabs that are being constructed to manufacture the 45nm chips.  On is Fab 32 in Arizona and the other is Fab28 in Israel.  Currently all the research of the 45 nm chips is in the D1D facility in Oregon.

The benefits of the 45 nm logic technology will be more powerful hand held computer applications.  It will allow for fast performance without draining as much power from the battery.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer



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