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Google buys SketchUp gives away a Free Version of this 3D Modeling Software and it Works with Google Earth Satellite Images

April 27th, 2006

Google buys SketchUp gives away a Free Version of this 3D Modeling Software and it Works with Google Earth Satellite Images

Google Sketchup

Google is distributing a 3D software program called SketchUp for free.  There are paid versions as well, but if you are looking to have fun with 3D and want to model your home to upload to Google Earth you can share your creations.  There are already a number of 3D compatible models available to download and work with from Google.

It is really great to have an open ended 3D program that models can be shared with others for free.  It can give a person the ability to learn 3D graphics without investing a small fortune in software programs and models.

It looks like it is intended for drawing buildings and incorporating the satellite images available off of the internet.  You can design an addition to your home or remodel your kitchen.  It looks like it could lend itself well to landscape designers with the use of the Google Earth Maps satellite imaging.


SketchUp Pro 5 is the professional version and costs $495.00.  It offers more features than the free version.  It is able to cast real-time shadows, you can customize the keyboard.  The program comes with a large collection of ready to go trees, cars and people.   There are extra tools for modeling organic shapes.  There is additional movie camera features.  There is option to import and export models from various software programs. 


SketchUp Pro 5 version also has interactive presentation support for large-format, high resolution printing.  You also get two years of technical support via email with the purchase of the professional version.  You can download and try the SketchUp Pro 5 for and 8 hour trial before deciding if you want to purchase the program.

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