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Google Earth Software helps you find your way around Town and the World

May 8th, 2006

Google Earth Software helps you find your way around Town and the World

Google Earth

Google Earth is a free downloadable software package which is also available in a paid version with Plus and Pro versions.  If you are looking around on the internet at Google Maps, you get a taste of what Google Earth can do, but Google Earth has a lot more bells and whistles to really make it an enjoyable tool.

What is unique about Google Earth is that you can cruise through the maps in a 3D perspective.  You can get a feel for the directions that you are driving along with satellite images.  At this time the buildings are not in 3D yet, but with Google Sketchup you might be able to help contribute to the 3D buildings for Google Earth in the future.  Google Sketchup is a 3D drafting program that also is available in a free version.


You can surf your local city for where to get a cup of coffee, where to go to church and were to go out to eat.  If you need to fill up with gas this option is available too.  You can toggle the features that you want marked on your map.  This is a great travelerís resource for surviving in a city.  You can easily locate a grocery store without driving endless in search of one.

It can become an interesting tool for children to help in learning their geography.  As the location changes you zoom out of the globe and watch the new location come into place.  It really gives foreign places are realness that can help a child want to learn more about where everything is located in the world.  Sure beats just a plain old globe.


It sure is neat to see the tools and programs that Google has assembled over the last couple of years.  They have become much more than just a search engine; they are becoming a resource of information themselves.

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