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Technology News - Forget the Mouse Use your Brain to Drag and Click using a Brain-Computer Interface (Look Mom No Hands!)

June 14th, 2006

Technology News - Forget the Mouse Use your Brain to Drag and Click using a Brain-Computer Interface (Look Mom No Hands!)

BCI Interface

Carmen Vidaurre Arbizu is and engineer from Pamplona that has designed an adaptable interface that would use a cerebral interface also known as a brain-computer interface (BCI) which would use signals from the brain to control a computer.  According to Ms. Vidaurre the general population would be able to use the device.  She first reported her ideas in a PhD thesis with the Online Adaptive Classification for Brain-Computer Interface.

What this brain-computer interface (BCI) is designed around the use of electroencephalograms (EEG) and some other brain signals as well.   The electrodes would be directly implanted into the brain.

The brain activity before was not able to supply feedback. Vidaurre has made steps to using BCI easier by making it a reciprocal training for both the computer and the user. 


In a press release for this research the following was stated on the significance of her research,” This is why, this PhD has designed, in a pioneering way, two in-line adaptive classifications, within a completely adaptive interface and capable of supplying feedback to inexpert individuals in the first stages of its use. With this system, the interface and the individual adjust to each other, one learning from the other in a reciprocal manner. In this way it has been possible to eliminate the initial trial sessions without feedback, thus diminishing the total skills acquisition time and the individuals are able to find an operating strategy directly with feedback.”

Who would use a brain-computer interface? It is not likely that we will all be signing up for the electrode implants any time soon.  It will more than likely be applied to paralyzed individuals first.  According to Wikipedia, the applications have been used in research in humans.  One research project two participants were able to use rudimentary BCI’s to play a game of real-time game of Pong against each other.  Wikipedia also said that Matt Nagle is one of the first people to use this technology due to paralysis.  It helped to restore some functions.


While the development of BCI is in its infancy, there is potential for science fiction realities such as cyborgs that are half human and half robots, like you would see in Star Trek.

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