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MySpace Child Safety Concerns – A new website called Imbee allows Parents to supervise their Kids

June 16th, 2006

MySpace Child Safety Concerns – A new website called Imbee allows Parents to supervise their Kids

imbee's website

As a parent you may feel compelled to lock away your children and not let them on the internet, but if you are willing to work with your child you might be able to use a new website called imbee (imbee.com) that allows parents to monitor their child’s blogs and posts and their friends they come in contact with online.

MySpace has become an extremely popular website for “social-networking” online; however there is a lot of information on this site that may be unwelcome to teens and young children.  Another downfall to MySpace and other sites is that anyone can search a user’s profile, however on imbee it allows only registered users to search the site.


Imbee goes even further by granting permission to only those that are invited to view the blog, messages, or pictures as specified by the parent.  The security options are being put into the hands of the parents and making imbee a win-win situation for the parent and the child. This creates an environment that allows for a child to learn about computers, website design and the internet.  It can even help them be creative while at the same time be able to build friendships on the internet.

At the Imbee website an adult with a credit card has to register on the website to participate.  This will help in some regards to make it so that the parent will be aware that the child is registering for an online socializing site.  There is a cost for the full services, and you can invite none members into the imbee chat for free.

The parent chooses whether they will monitor or have to approve posts made in their kid’s blog, comments made by their kid’s blog or album, and comments made by their kid’s friends in a blog or album.  Parents can decide if they want to either monitor or approve whose their kid’s friends are by controlling the incoming and outgoing requests.  The child is able to have a limited email account with imbee as well.


It doesn’t mean that you should feel 100% safe, you need to make sure to still be the parent, imbee gives you an opportunity to work with your child to create a safer internet social networking.

Imbee has support for blogs, and also a photo gallery.  They do not allow search engines to spider their websites and this will help keep your child’s information a little more private.  Your kid’s imbee sight will not be listed on Google search engine.

To get more members imbee has created a points and rewards system for getting friends to sign up and to visit the site.  When a new member signs up the kid gets points that they can later redeem at the imbee store.


There are three types of memberships. The basic imbee messaging service is free.  You still need to sign up and provide a credit card, but you card will not be charged.  This is only for verification of the person signing up for the account.  There is free 90 day trial that you can sign up for that will allow for all the features including making a blog and uploading images.  After the trial is up you will be charged a monthly fee of $3.95.  If you sign up for the full account for a year you can save a little bit of money for one membership that includes 1 parent, 2 children, and 1 additional adult it will cost $39.95 per year.  If you have the extra large family it cost $1 extra per month (or $9.95 for the yearly fee) for every family member over the allotted amount.

Another competitor to imbee is FAQQLY which was launched on April 16th which is a question and answers based community.  It seems geared towards teens, however it does not mention anything about parental controls, which truly makes imbee unique and also a leader in “social networking” at this time. 

Is it bad to even introduce your children to “social networking”?  If you don’t let your child participate, will they do it behind your back?  It is really hard to say what is the appropriate decision as each parent and child is different.  Probably it would be best to wait and see if your child expresses interest in online socializing.  If this is the case imbee, would be advantageous.

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