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Selling on eBay Ė Drop Shipping to help grow your eBay Business

March 19th, 2006

Selling on eBay Ė Drop Shipping to help grow your eBay Business

Shipping Box

One way you can grow your eBay business without a big investment and a large shipping warehouse is using companies that offer drop shipping services.  While some companies promote that they are drop shipping company, others are regular wholesalers that will do this service.  Sometimes you may pay a couple extra dollars for handling costs for the drop shipping services but it can be well worth it if you are limited in space and donít want to invest in a large inventory.

If you do participate with one of the drop ship companies make sure to do your homework.  They charge a membership fee.  They offer large inventory of products, however are you going to be able to make a profit from the inventory that they have listed.  A benefit to participating with one of these companies is that they often have a website that you can create and make it your own website.


Make sure that they donít have any hidden fees in the close of the sale.  You have to weigh out each drop shipper companies, compare prices against ebay, and decide if the product will hold up to satisfied customers.  The problem that can happen with drop shipping companies is that their products can be flooded on eBay and there is no market for many of their items.

You have to watch out for drop shipper scams.  Unfortunately with the growth of the drop shipping business there have been companies that donít deliver of the goods and services.  Their products could be lacking of the quality, and this could hurt your eBay business.


One great way to get drop shipping services set up is to work directly with the manufacturer or importer of the product.  Contact the manufacturer and see if you can arrange to drop ship their items.  If they are willing to do so, you will likely be competitive and you donít have a zillion people selling the same item as you are on eBay.

Attend a trade show that covers the products that you want to sell.  You will get a lot accomplished shopping for many products and manufacturers in a short period of time. You can find out if they offer drop shipping services at the show and end up with many products that you will be able to sell with drop shipping.


It can be helpful to have a manufacturer drop ship large items that you would never otherwise stock because of freight shipping.  Home gyms for instance are often drop shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customerís home.

Drop shipping can offer an edge to your eBay business when you find you are running out of room and time.  Having someone else stock and ship your products can be a great relief and can make it possible for you to make more money.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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