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EBay Selling - Google Base and others may be the new competitors to eBay

March 30th, 2006

EBay Selling - Google Base and others may be the new competitors to eBay

eBay website

Google Base is in development by Google at this time.  It is relatively new service that Google has added at this time. Google is starting to put together a payment system similar to eBay’s Paypal.  There are a few different ways to sell your stuff online and eBay may be just another one of those options.

At this time Google Base is free to list your items for sale.  There is a goal to have a link from a Google Ad to link to the Google Base and if the sale is completed there will be a commission paid to Google.

The cost for marketing with Google is planned to undercut the eBay listing fees and final fees.  If you are not using the complete service I believe it could still be free.  While there are other auction sites out there like, Yahoo Auctions and Overstock.com Google has a good chance of getting people to use the service because the service at this time is free.


Another competitor to eBay is Craigslist.com.  This website has free ads except for job listing ads.  The nice part to Craigslist is that the ads are focused on local area.  It makes it more like a regular classified advertisement.

Another website to consider for selling your stuff is on recycler.com. Recycler is a newspaper sold in major cities across the country.  If you are not a business it is free to list your ad.  It will be printed in a newspaper as well as on the internet.

Pennysaver is a freely distributed newspaper ad that is available in many areas.  The ad is free if the item for sale is listed at under $100.


These are just some of the other methods that you could advertise your products or items for sale.  Google Base is worth a try because of the future potential it offers.  If you have a commerce website already set up you can submit your items in Froogle.  If you can get your item in Froogle it will help build traffic for free without paying for advertising.

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