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eBay Express website launched Fixed Price Traditional Storefront Format

April 24th, 2006

eBay Express website launched Fixed Price Traditional Storefront Format

eBay Express Website

Ebay with a patent infringement lawsuit looming has more than likely created the spin off of this new website called eBay Express.  It offers “Get it Now” instead of “Buy it Now” slogan.  It is designed as a traditional shopping website similar to Amazon.com. 

The other pull for eBay to offer the website has been a long desired request from ebay sellers that sell primarily new items versus the garage sale person selling their dusty items.  Ebay Express says on their website that eBay Express sells only new items.  It still offers the opportunity for both new and used items to intermingle on the eBay auction site, however since most items of a retailer are sold at a “buy it now” fixed price while a garage sale dusty used item will wait for 7 – 10 days to see how much it can be bid up for a more traditional auction format.

It will eventually make it easier for people to buy their items on eBay.  Many new eBay buyers will email and ask is it new or used, even though it is well described in the advertisement.  The businesses selling on eBay are bombarded with non-sense questions because they are among the garage sale sellers making it a long winded sale at times.  EBay Express will help in the separation between the two auction sites but maintains a unity with eBay Auctions.


In order to qualify for eBay Express you need to have a feedback rating of 98% or better of at least 100 feedbacks.  You need to list your eBay items as either a fixed price or an eBay Store Inventory format to be listed in eBay Express.  You need to put a photo with the ad, include the condition and the shipping cost in order to participate.

EBay Express also allows a shopper to purchase multiple items in a shopping cart format.  This makes it more like Amazon's website format for a more straightforward shopping experience.


You have to be signed up to receive Paypal payments which is a payment system owned by eBay.  The credit card information does not get disclosed to the company that you are ordering from.  This gives you an extra amount of security when ordering online.  However at the same time you have to watch for fake emails in an attempt to hijack your account.

Ebay Express is a really great step to address the patent infringement on the buy it now, but also helps solve a bigger problem with retailers of new items.  I believe eBay Express could become more like Amazon in time.  There is currently rumors of eBay seeking a merger possibly.  It will be interesting were eBay ends up in the next couple of years.

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