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Flipping Real Estate Property for a Profit – Is it a Safe Investment?

May 9th, 2006

Flipping Real Estate Property for a Profit – Is it a Safe Investment?

Real Estate

According to ABC’s 20/20 there are a lot of people investing in real estate to turn around and sell it to make a quick buck.  They discussed a popular “flipping” of real estate which is a real estate term that means to quickly buy and sell a property for a profit.

Flipping real estate for investing is popular among the new home housing tracts.   People line up the night before to get their chance at buying a property for a new housing development.  It is unlikely that they will ever live in the property and they usually don’t even rent the property to keep it in mint condition.  As the property prices go up in value in a short period of time they make a profit on the sale of the property.


ABC’s 20/20 report said that the real estate market in Florida has slowed down and made it harder to turn a profit.  It has been a slower market taking 3 – 4 months to sell a home where before it would sell in 24 hours.  Some investors started renting the properties to stay afloat.

There is also ability for a person to turn an old home that they paid at a discounted price, fix it up and turn around and sell it for a profit.  This still happens, but it is a lot more work involved than the purchase of a newly built housing tract.

If you are going to get into real estate property flipping, you should know your market really well.  You have to way out the worst case scenario, and how much you can invest in real estate.  Being able to rent properties can be helpful in keeping the investment strategy afloat.


If the real estate market slows even more, you might look at getting into the older homes that need to be repaired.  With this kind of investment you need to know the cost for repairing and painting the entire property to way out if you will turn a profit.

Real estate may be slowing down a little bit, but if you know your market well, you will likely still make a profit.  It just might take a little longer to make the same amount of money.

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