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Employment Opportunities Ė Strategies for Job Hunting can lead to Getting Hired

June 19th, 2006

Employment Opportunities Ė Strategies to Job Hunting can lead to Getting Hired

UNICRU Employment Kiosk

If you have searched and searched in your local newspaper for that perfect job, you might find that you are not expanding your search far enough.  You need to determine the type of work that you want to do and the amount of income that you need to make a living.  Of course, we all want to make a ton of money but you need to be realistic in your abilities and the amount you can potentially earn.

If you donít even know where to begin in your search for a job, you might want to check out O*net is a free assessment located at www.careeronestop.org.  These assessment tests may help you find out what you would like to do and the kinds of jobs that are available as well as the training needed to get those positions.

On the Career One Stop website, there is also job listings that will not only make it easier to narrow down your search but you can also search on salary.  Of course that is not the only way to find the job that you want.


Getting out and submitting your resume can pay off.  If you are looking for a sales clerk position for the summer, you will need to apply to the store in person, more than likely.  Many of the big retail outlets have a computer located in the store that lets you apply for a job position.  If not have all your information ready, and be prepared to write neatly on the job application form.

If you are looking for a higher salary job, you might be able to apply or submit your application into the human resource department.  Many large corporations scan in your resume and count words that pertain to the job position that they are looking for; having a good resume with relating keywords matters in this technology driven world.

You can check online at the many job listing websites for employment opportunities.  Monster.com is one of the largest, but there are more than that you should visit.  Since the employer has to pay for the advertising of the job listing you will find each website has different job listings.  One website worth taking a look at is Craigslist.com.  They have an extensive listing for many cities and there are a lot of real jobs not just temp agencies, and commission only work.


If you are burned out at looking online, you should also contact your local community college or university for when a job fair is going to happen.  They usually have scheduled yearly job fairs.  Sometimes the job fair will be advertised on the radio as well.  This can help get you into the work place and also you will learn more about the companies in your area.

Persistence pays off, and so does some flexibility.  You might find that you have skills that could be used in other settings then what your last job was and you should use your skills to get the job, verses the feeling that you have to work in the same field.  If a job is available for the field that you previously worked in this can help you get the job too.  You need to be open a little bit, but donít sell yourself on a job that you are not skilled to do because you will find that you likely wonít be back to searching for another job soon.

Your local government unemployment office will usually provide you with computer access of job listings to help you get back on track.  So donít be afraid to try a little bit of everything to get those interviews.


One last idea is that you could apply to the company that you want to work with directly at their website.  Many times the jobs will be listed on their website for which positions.

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