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Start Investing in Gold – How to Invest small Amounts with American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins

July 16th, 2006

Start Investing in Gold – How to Invest small Amounts with American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins

American Eagle
Gold Bullion Coin

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest, you might want to consider investing in gold coins.  You can diversify and spread your investment among traditional stocks and bonds as well.  Many investors are currently looking at investing in gold as the US dollar may lose value.

American Gold Bullion Coins are issued by the US Mint and are guaranteed for the gold in them. You could purchase other coins or gold, but you won’t have the guarantee and it could become more difficult to cash in to money when you want to.

You can sell the American Eagle gold bullion coins at almost any precious metal dealer.  The coins are considered money in the US, however, the face value of the coin isn’t worth it.  The gold in the coin is worth around 10 times more than the face value on the coin.


There are two types of American Eagle Gold, they come in proof and in bullions.  A gold proof coin is a collectors special edition coins. They are made to look beautiful.  The coins are works of art that have frosted images that contrast among polished reflective surfaces.  They come with certificates of authenticity and in an attractive display case.  These collectable coins are available from the US mint directly. 

Gold bullion coins on the other hand are bought for the value of the gold.  These are purchased from an authorized American Eagle dealer.  The values of gold coins are continually changing as the price of gold changes.

Investing in gold completely, may be a mistake, as sometimes gold does not have as much value when the stock market is performing well.  So if you spread out your investments in both you would have a more secure investment portfolio.


If you plan on investing large amounts of gold, you would likely investing in gold stocks where banks hold the gold for you.  You can also invest in the mining company’s stocks that dig for the gold.  It would be best to consult with a financial planner for all options available in investing in gold.

You can locate your local authorized dealer that sells the American Eagle gold bullion coins at the usmint.gov website.  If you purchase online you can use this as verification that the dealer selling online is legitimate.

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