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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez opens own Movie Studio

June 4th, 2006

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez opens own Movie Studio

President Chavez

On Saturday the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez launched a new movie studio located on the edge of Caracas.  The reason for this is to counteract the dominant presence of Hollywood in Venezuela.

Chavez is considered a socialist revolutionary.   The US claims he is a dictator who is dangerous for the countries stability.  Chavez however labels President Bush as a terrorist, one that assaults US free market procedures and mocks the American economic way of life.

Chavez has been allied with Cuba and is rich from oil.  Chavez wants Venezuelan citizens to be less influenced by US culture and wants to produce local films that will reflect their culture.


This is not Chavez’s first media venture; last year he started Telesur which is a news station that covers South American events.  His news station is believed to be used to propagandize Chavez’s political views overseas.

Chavez views Hollywood as a “dictatorship” by movie giants that “inoculate” them with messages that do not go with their culture and traditions.  The first production Film Villa will make is a series about a historical Venezuela revolutionary, Francisco de Miranda, who fought against colonial Spain.

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