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Sundance Film Festival to Premiere world’s first black Jesus in ‘Son of Man’

January 19th, 2006

Sundance Film Festival to Premiere world’s first black Jesus in ‘Son of Man’


The South African produced film, "Son of Man", will premiere on Sunday at the US Sundance Festival in Utah.  The makers are promoting it as the world’s first black Jesus movie and will have Christ shown as an African revolutionary.

The film was made in the black township near Cape Town.  It will challenge the Western views of Jesus as a peaceful and gentle person, not to mention his skin color.  It will likely stir up a lot of debate and controversy among Christians.  The film undertone is the struggle of political control and equality.

There is another film made in 1968 called “Black Jesus” and it is more related to political commentary than a version of the story of the life of Christ.


The Sundance film festival was created by Robert Redford to give independent filmmakers a chance to find an audience for their movies.  Thousands of filmmakers apply to have the opportunity to show their films at this festival.  The Sundance Film Festival started today and will go through January 29th at several cities in Utah.

Some successful independent films have been rejected from the Sundance Film Festival in the past; however it gives many filmmakers hope for having a breakout hit by showing their film at this festival.  This will be the 25th year of the Sundance Film Festival.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer



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