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YouTube.com – Express yourself for the World to see – SNL skit draws Network’s attention to Website

March 21st, 2006

YouTube.com – Express yourself for the World to see – SNL skit draws Network’s attention to Website

YouTube website

Possibly you have found yourself without enough things to entertain yourself.  A website called YouTube allows anyone to share and watch home grown videos on the internet.

YouTube was started in February 2005 by pioneers of PayPal which is now owned by eBay.  The goal of YouTube is to make it easy for anyone to upload and share video online.  Competitors to this video market are Google Video which also has ability for people to share as well as sell their video clips online.


YouTube allows are user to email the video clips, as well as make their own personal video network. Currently there are over 25 million videos being downloaded on the internet every day.  Sequoia Capital was the major investor in this website.

It is a free service for both the people that want to upload video as well as those that want to watch video.  At this time it is not clear where the revenue will be generated for this website.  There is a legal fight for slowing down video transfer of degrading quality by internet providers because of the cost to transfer data.  Back on December 17th, a Saturday Night Live skit was posted on YouTube.  If floated around until finally NBC asked to have it taken down.  NBC.com posted the “Lazy Sunday” skit to download for free on their website.


The major networks and movie producers may be concerned about copyright infringement potential due to the openness of the ability to share video.  I somehow think that the quality isn’t going to be that great compared to the original to really be that concerned.  It also can take a while to download a video clip.  Television is instantaneous and offers better quality.

YouTube is a little easier to navigate than Google Video.  However, Google Video has more stuff that you would like to watch, some are free music videos of popular artists.  Google Video also is adding many National Archive Films.  YouTube will likely need to add pay for video services in the near future in order to make a profit in the future.  It could be a fun way to share you home videos with family and friends across the country.

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By Nicole Wilson
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