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Baby First TV – new channel premieres just for Babies

May 12th, 2006

Baby First TV – new channel premieres just for Babies

Baby First TV channel

On May 11th, Baby First TV launched their 24 hour a day commercial free station just for babies.  Baby First TV will have educational-entertaining programming that will be directed at the level of a young child.  While new-born babies may not be intent on watching TV yet (I just don’t think they would be that interested), youngsters ages 1 – 3 may like the programming.

The programming includes “Baby Songs”, which is a favorite for little ones.  The songs are unique and catchy tunes that relate to what children are dealing with in the real world.  While we look for action packed thrills as adults, younger children are very literal with what they watch on TV.  We used to calm the kids down before bed time with “Baby Songs” videos.  It sure beats driving around in the car until they fall asleep.


There is a plus for sign language skills being taught on this station.  It can be possible to teach a baby sign language to help in communicating their needs.  This can alleviate some temper tantrums if they are able to bridge the communication gap.

Commercial free 24 hours a day is wonderful, as some channels only offer commercial free during the morning hours.  The programming focuses around skills, such as vocabulary, numbers and counting, arts, feelings and emotions, sensory, and thinking skills (puzzles).


Although, there is a little controversy around this baby TV network, some TV could prove to be helpful for a child in development.  You may want to limit the time your child watches TV, no matter how awesome the programming is.  You should be interacting with your child.  You might want to watch with the child and interact with the child while they watch.

What would be nice is to see an expansion of programs.  Baby Bumblebee has a series of DVD’s which would fit nicely on this station.  These videos are excellent for showing objects and actions.  It would also be a great idea to add some of the Baby Einstein series DVD’s into the broadcast schedule.  I am sure in time there will be more shows as they gain subscribers.


The Baby First TV is going to cost $9.99 per month to subscribe.  You can take a peek for free until May 31st on DirecTV on channel 293.  You would have to check with your local cable provider to see if they have the channel available.

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