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Britney Spears Baby News – She wants to give birth in Namibia

June 14th, 2006

Britney Spears Baby News – She wants to give birth in Namibia

Ocean View from Hotel in Namibia

Britney Spears has here hands full with being a mom with Sean Preston and having a new baby on the way.   She has expressed interest in possibly having her next baby in Namibia.

What not to miss is the upcoming interview that Matt Lauer had with Britney Spears.  The interview will be broadcast on both NBC’s Today show on Thursday as well as on Dateline on Friday.  Not only does she break down and cry, but she discusses her relationship with Kevin Federline.


According to Pugbus.com Britney Spears revealed to Matt Lauer that she wanted to give birth in Namibia.  He asked her why she wants to have her baby in Namibia just like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. 

Pugbus wrote the following: “Mr. Lauer did ask Ms. Spears why she had chosen Namibia for the birth of her child.  Comment on this Article at our Forum

"Kevin has always been a fan of African-American culture," she replied. "I'm sure he'll feel at home there, rapping with all the natives. I just wish he hadn't cut his cornrows."”

So will Namibia be the destination for Hollywood celebrities to birth their younglings?  I am not sure that Britney actually will follow through on this as currently there is a polio outbreak in this country.  She likes the idea of the security offered by the government which will keep journalists from entering the country.  It could give her and the family a chance to relax before the big delivery day.


Other gossip with Britney is that Madonna is supposedly mad about wasting her time and money with Britney with teaching her the Kabbalah way.  Britney announced on her website that she is no longer studying the Kabbalah and her baby is her religion.

Britney also had a visit from LA Child Services when she was photographed driving with her baby in her lap.  She claims in the interview with Matt Lauer that her dad used to do this when she was young.

According to Us Weekly Magazine, Britney Spears recently visited a Victoria Secret Store in Mission Viejo and instead of changing Sean Preston’s diaper in private; she changed the diaper on the floor next to the cash register.  Supposedly, she then tried to hand the dirty diaper to the sales clerk, which they refused to take.


To top of the Britney drama off, she is now being sued by a photographer for running a car over his foot.  Cullen Reavley claims that her mom Lynne Spears was driving the SUV.  Her mom supposedly drove over his foot in the parking lot in Santa Monica, California back on June 20th, 2004.  Both Britney and her sister Jamie Lynn where riding in the vehicle at the time.  He claims that this caused him to fall to the ground "so as to proximately cause their motor vehicle to collide."

The saga continues…

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