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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – Leah Remini has seen Baby Suri

July 20th, 2006

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – Leah Remini has seen Baby Suri

The King of Queens 2nd Season DVD

Baby Suri might actually exist after all.  Leah Remini who stars in “The King of Queens” has seen Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes 3 month old baby.

Leah Remini, 36, is also a Scientologist.  She told US magazine that she has met Suri over that past couple of weeks.  She was asked what the baby looks like; at first she said “She’s a newborn and normal size!”

She further elaborated to US magazine by saying, “Tom and Kate…want to have a life and raise their baby. They’re normal parents.”

US magazine claims that another friend of the couple described Suri as “a cross between the two – [with] dark, straight hair, and dark eyes.”

Remini told People magazine the following, “She's a beaming baby.  She looks like Tom and Katie. She's just beautiful."


Suri was born on April 18th, and there has been no release for the media of the baby since, which has further added to the strangeness of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  The media has gone as far as to suggest that the baby is a hoax. 

The public display of their courtship leading up to the baby, and the couple hiding out after the baby is born has confused many.  Tom Cruise was very open about his relationship with Katie Holmes, and on Oprah Winfrey jumped up and down on her stage furniture.  Tom and Katie have not shown the same amount of enthusiasm publicly for the birth of their new baby.

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