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Benefits to having your own Home Gym

February 7th, 2006

Benefits to having your own Home Gym

Bowflex Ultimate
Home Gym

If you currently have gym membership, you might find that you donít go as often as you should and if you figure out what you pay for each trip per month, you might be better off exercising at home.

You should plan for variety with a home gym.  Must have items would be a good treadmill and a multi function weight lifting machine.  Losing fat is added by more muscles you have.  So if you want to lose weight you should do an aerobic exercise in combination with weight training.  The more muscles you have the better your metabolism at burning calories.

If you have young children you will find it extremely difficult to find time to exercise whether it is at the gym or not.  But the good part about exercising in your own home gym is that you donít have to pay for babysitting.  You can exercise before the kids wake up in the morning or after they go to sleep at night.


You donít have to exercise all in one sitting.  If you find it hard to become motivated to do the treadmill for 45 minutes at a time you can break your time up throughout the day to achieve the same amount of time.  Also you donít spend all that time driving down to the gym and waiting for your turn on the equipment.  By breaking up your exercise times you may actually be more motivated to keep on a routine and be a great way for an unfit person to get started slowly.  You should consult with your doctor as to any exercise programs as you could have a hidden health risk that you do not know about.


Usually the treadmills at the gym are in high demand.  If you are going during peak times you could spend more time waiting for equipment to become available.  You might be short on time and exercising at home makes sense because it saves time.

You can mix up your routine with exercise videos, and at home step classes. You can do your own Pilates and yoga too.  By changing your exercise routines at home you donít pay for extra classes at the gym.  If you like the company of an exercise buddy schedule a time to have a friend comes over to exercise with you or talk your husband into joining you.  You might even find that the kids want to participate in exercising with you.  This is ok, if the exercise is safe for them to do.


The Bowflex is just one of many different weight training machines that are available for home use.  Weight lifting has traditionally been thought of as a macho guy thing.  But women can benefit from weight training too.  Toning your muscles can help sculpt a body and can also help make your body look more youthful.  The sagging body parts are reversible sometimes without plastic surgery!

The cost of gym membership could easily be applied to the cost of a home gym.  You can avoid getting the staph infections that are going around gyms and you have a whole lot of convenience.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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