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Physical Fitness - How to become motivated with Exercise to improve your Health

March 8th, 2006

Physical Fitness - How to become motivated with Exercise to improve your Health

Bike Riding

Many people will fail in there exercise goals and quit within a 3 Ė 6 months after starting an exercise routine.  People lose their dedication and enthusiasm for continuing on a long term exercise program.  One reason for the lack of dedication is that we believe that we are too busy to find the time to exercise.

If you have a different attitude about exercise you might actually stick to it.  Using mental strategies could help to convince you that exercise is ok.

If you hate gyms donít go to a gym.  Donít follow the masses of people just because it is a trend that people go to gyms to workout.  You can get a workout without joining a gym.  


In fact it can be extremely inconvenient with work and children to get to the gym.  Gymís can be a social outing for some to others it can be very intimidating.  Curves gyms cater to women only workouts, it might be more likely that you will go if you are self-conscious.  It can be intimidating to go to a gym if you donít look great.  You can always try the gym for a week or two before joining to see if you mesh with it.

You can set up your own home gym.  You can for the cost of a gym membership get a multi-weight lifting machine or a nice treadmill.  Having it in your home will allow for you to have more opportunities for exercise time.  You wonít have to hire a babysitter to watch your children and you donít have to wait your turn for using the equipment.


You might want to hire a personal trainer to come to your home if you donít want to go to the gym.  It could help get you started on a workout schedule.  This could add up to an extra expense, but if you lack motivation this may be what you need.

You donít have to love the workout, but donít discard exercise because of the lack of enjoyment.  Tell yourself that you go to work but donít always like it.  You work because you need to make a living.  You should tell yourself that you need to exercise because it will make you healthy.  If there is a way to measure your success by writing down when you worked out and how long, it could be kind of a measurable reward.  If you are looking to lose inches on the waist measure yourself once a week as an incentive to see your progress.  By seeing results it can keep you motivated for a longer period of time.


Try to find fitness and exercise activities that you look forward to doing.  You might find that you like to watch TV, and you can walk on the treadmill while you do this.  You could get a video tape series on dancing.  There is exercise video for tap, jazz, ballet, even belly dancing.  It can become a fun new hobby.  Try to think of fun activities to do.

Try to remember when you were a kid, what kind of physical activities did you enjoy as a kid?  Did you enjoy riding bike, playing basketball, roller skating?  Think back to which activities you liked back then and give them a try again.  You might find that you still enjoy these activities as an adult.  If you have children, this might be a great way to spend time with your children in activities that you can do as a family.

Treat exercise like you would your hygiene for each day.  If you make exercise a thing that you have to do each day, it will become something that you will do each day.  The more you set aside time for exercise and make it part of your daily routine, the more likely you will stick with it.

Try not to convince yourself that you hate exercise.  Donít use the word exercise if you have associated such a dislike for it.  Use the terms physical activity, movement or play.  Turn the negative thought into a positive one.

Making sure that you set aside time to exercise and make it an enjoyable time could turn an awful thing into a fun thing.  If you have a hard time committing a long time to your exercise try to start with shorter time periods.  Start with a 10 minute commitment one time a day.  Then try to work up 10 minutes 2 times a day.  They work up to 3 times a day.  Sometimes having a shorter time commitment can make it more of a break to refresh with then a drudgery of a sweat induced pain process.  Even though you may not come out looking buff, getting any physical activity is better than none at all.

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