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Weight Loss Plateaus Ė How to get back on track to Losing Weight

March 30th, 2006

Weight Loss Plateaus Ė How to get back on track to Losing Weigh

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The weight no longer is coming off and you have reached a diet plateau.  No matter how hard you are trying to lose weight you donít budge one pound.  You are still dieting and doing what you did before and the weight loss came to a stop.

This could be a process that your body is catching up with the changes going on in your body.  You could be reaching a point where the amount of calories and exercise are not enough to push past the plateau.  Adding more exercise will get you past the plateau, but you may need to add variety to your workout.


If you are doing aerobic exercise strictly that could be a problem.  While aerobic exercise will work to burn fat, you could be hitting a physical fitness plateau.  After a while the exercise that you are doing may become too easy and your body is no longer being challenged.  If you do aerobics on a treadmill you can increase the intensity of the workout by adjusting the incline of the treadmill and the speed.

What would be even better to add to your exercise routine would be weight lifting.  Make sure to check with your doctor before adding any new routines.  If you are able to add resistance training and weight lifting you will add new challenges in your fitness routine.  Building muscles will make your body burn more calories in a day.  It can also help firm and tone your body to make it look even better when you do lose weight.

If you add weight lifting on the exercise routine, you might experience no weight loss because you are building muscles.  But after a little while you will notice the changes in the way that your clothes are fitting.  The more muscles you have the more energy your body needs and the more calories you will burn each day.


Take measurements of your body as a marker of your progress.  You can still weigh yourself, but donít be too hard on yourself if youíre not instantly lighter.  It will come off the more exercise that you do.

You canít starve yourself too much as it will make your metabolism come to a halt.  This will catch up with you and you will find this can cause weight plateaus as well.  You need to find a reduction of calories that make sense.  If you restrict your calorie intake by 500 calories a day you would lose 1 pound a week.  If you add exercise to burn extra calories you can boost that weight loss.

Being to drastic in your calorie cutting which causes your metabolism to slow more quickly is not good for long term dieting.  It is better to still have treats and count calories and not feel too deprived as it will make it more likely that you will stick to your diet longer.  You could replace one meal with a lighter meal once a day.  This may be all that you need to do to lose weight in addition to a great workout routine.


Boosting your physical activity is the best option for getting the pounds to come off.  You can purchase ankle weights that you can wear all day as you go around your daily chores and you will find that this addition can also help to burn a few extra calories each day.   Wearing a pedometer and setting a goal of 10,000 footsteps every day is another way to insure that you are moving enough.

Be creative in how you can add physical activity in each day.  Plan on adding variety to your exercise routine and add more challenges to get you past the plateau.  You need to watch what you have been eating to see if you are eating too many calories. But donít drastically cut your calories to low; it is better to add more exercise.

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