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HDTV – The New Buzzword - High Definition Television Reviews and Blu-ray

July 24th 2006

HDTV – The New Buzzword - High Definition Television Reviews and Blu-ray


HDTV certainly is the buzzword at the moment, and if you haven’t heard it yet, where have you been?  So for those of you that have heard of HDTV, what is it, and what are the benefits?

Firstly, HDTV stands for High Definition Television, it uses more pixels on your television screen therefore giving you a better quality picture.
Without going in to all of the technical specifications, with the use of more pixels you are able to see more vibrant color, and better viewing of moving footage.

To view HDTV you are going to need a HDTV ready plasma or LCD television set. To ensure that your television can pick up the necessary signals you need to make sure you have either a HDMI socket (High Definition Multimedia Interface) or a DVI socket (Digital Video Interface) usually sited at the rear of the TV, and a set top box.


HDTV is not a totally new thing to everybody, Belgium were the first country in Europe to experience High Definition Television, Japan, USA, Australia, Canada, Brazil, China and South Korea are currently enjoying the benefits also. In the USA many programs are broadcast in HDTV.
The benefits that you are going to enjoy by viewing HDTV are many and the cost of enabled televisions are dropping all the time so soon everyone can participate!

You will be able to enjoy watching crystal clear widescreen images, with stunning true to life colors, if you have Dolby 5.1 surround sound speakers you can also enjoy real cinema quality sound.


There is amazing quality graphics for video gaming, but currently only compatible with the Xbox 360, although future gaming consoles will be compatible. Soon there will be a new DVD format called Blu-ray Disc, which will allow us to watch and record in high definition.

So the conclusion is that, HDTV is a better and brighter way of watching television and includes benefits for video gamers. With more competition on the market, enabled televisions are really coming down in price making it more accessible to all.
Find more information at http://www.reviewhdtv.info

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About the Author: Lucy Bartlett is a proud contributing author. Find more articles here For more info visit HDTV FAQ’s or Reviews isnare

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