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Brammertz Report

March 18th, 2006

Brammertz Report

Lebanon and Syria Map

Many waited eagerly for the Brammertz report (the new UN chief investigator) to be presented to the UN today (March 15, 2006).

Some had expectations that it is going to be a real indictment of Syria, those were disappointed because the Belgian prosecutor was quite serious in looking for who killed former premier Rafiq Hariri with no intensions what so ever to politicize matters.

Something that Syria was a victim of in Millis former report (Former UN chief Investigator). The Brammertz's report says that Syria cooperated and expressed readiness to go all the way and do what ever it takes to get at the perpetrators of the crime that targeted both Syria and Lebanon.

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By  Dr. Yahaya Al-Aridi

Director of Syria Media Centre


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