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Pet Care and Breeds - Personality Traits of West Highland White Terrier Dogs

May 30th, 2006

Pet Care and Breeds - Personality Traits of West Highland White Terrier Dogs

West Highland
White Terrier

There are many different kinds of dog out there for people to choose from.  Many times, it is hard to decide what type of dog you want and would fit your personality better.  If you are thinking about getting a dog, the first thing that you need to do is decide what type of dog you want and how you are going to take care of it.  Some dogs are higher maintenance than other ones.  If you are thinking about a terrier, you may want to read up on them first.

Terriers are very cute and a very intense.  They love life and they have a lot of personality.  Terriers are very hyper and can make anyone fall in love with them.  They have the ability to grab onto your heart and you are gone from there.  There are many different kinds of terriers and some are even good hunters and can help you with many things in your everyday life.  They are not only good companions they are great little adventurers.


Terriers are very smart.  They are independent and may be hard to train for some people.  You really have to work hard to teach them the way that you want them to be and it will take a little time at first.  There are many breeds and you should check into the one that would fit your family the best. You can find many descriptions of the different breeds online and figure out which kind you want for your pet.

Getting a terrier means that you have to have a lot of love for you animal, you will love the dog.  You have to give them a lot of your attention and take the time to give them the care that they expect.  You have to make sure that they feel loved and that they know the rules as well.  You cannot let them take over your home and you do not want them to get out of control.  It is a good idea to let them know who is boss right from the start.


If you have other dogs, it may be a good idea to get them familiar with the other dogs before you just bring them home.  Give them time to adjust to each other and usually there will be no problems.  You may also want to do the same with any children that may be in the home.  You need to make sure that everyone in the home is happy and feels safe in the atmosphere.

With the right care and a lot of love, you and your terrier can be happy for a long time.  You will have a friend for life and a buddy to share your days with.  Terriers are loyal pets that will be there when you need them.  You cannot go wrong when you choose a terrier for your pet.

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By Vigdis Tange Andersen
All dog lovers looking for a new best friend can visit: http://www.westhighlandwhite-terrier.com


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