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How to Make Money In Your Spare Time - Extra Money Opportunities While Running Home Business or at Work

February 28th 2006

How to Make Money In Your Spare Time - Extra Money Opportunities While Running Home Business or at Work

Zoompanel Website

So if youíre like me, before I started doing survey's on-line, you might be thinking that I'm trying to sell you something or that you'll probably need your credit card handy. Well to put your mind at ease this is just a brief account of where I have been, and who actually pays.  So keep your credit cards in your wallet or purse because I'm not selling anything.

I've been doing this for a few years, and have received everything from free magazine subscriptions to cold hard cash. I've also had my share of B.S. survey sites that promise you one thing and then actually end up giving you nothing. They throw points at you, they throw sweepstakes at you, they offer money and then pull it away at the last minutes after you've done their survey for numerous amounts of time that has now been wasted. So here are the best survey sites and others that will definitely give you what you deserve for your time. It is great for stay-at-home moms and dads.


http://www.zoompanel.com - This site is probably one of my favorites. You do survey's and they give you points which you do not have to accumulate over a whopping year. The rewards can be had in less then a month. I use this site to try out magazines. Rolling Stones, Menís Journal, Spin, and over a dozen others (all obtainable at 1000 points). Depending on your commitment and willingness to invest time you can shoot for higher stakes such as cash or food cards or appliances. It really depends on how long your willing to wait. Personally I use it for the magazines only.

http://www.gozing.com - Gozing is my money site. The downside to this site is that you have to wait months to see a return but you do make money. Its important to have a PayPal account to see a quick return but they do offer other rewards such as Napster codes (which come to you once requested in about 24 hours) and buy.com certificates. Not sure if they offer checks as payment. Surveys come almost regularly so you can accumulate money or other faster.


http://www.conferoinc.com/ - Become a mystery shopper. This is another money site that allows you to make quick cash. Downside is they sometimes require you to make a purchase but they do re-reimburse you your cash with receipt. Some jobs offer cash anywhere from $5-$100 and some just offer free merchandise (after re-imbursement). Does require personal information but is free to join. Very reliable.

https://www.partnership-plus.com/login/- Cash or rewards or prizes. I use this one to get free movie passes (can only be used two weeks after a film comes out) but they do offer other rewards very similar to zoompanel. Easy to do. Downside is that the survey is only a monthly thing but you do get 50 extra points a month for doing your survey early. Expect a return after two months or more depending on your goal.

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By Mark Ash

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