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Good Night And Good Luck Movie Review - Edward R Murrow Vs McCarthy Film

March 18th 2006

Good Night And Good Luck Movie Review - Edward R Murrow Vs McCarthy Film

Good Night and Good Luck

Good Night, and Good Luck is George Clooney's second attempt at directing (after his poorly received film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind) a feature film and sorry to say, at least for me, that it does not impress. The film, which consists of an abundance of raw footage taken from the actual hearings during the McCarthy era, but this film has less to do with McCarthy as it does with Edward R. Murrow's attempts to expose the McCarthy hearings for what they really were, a witch hunt.

To bad its nothing we all haven't heard before. Unlike 1991's Guilty By Suspicion in which Irwin Winkler tackles the same subject matter with more girth, Clooney leaves little room for the human effects of the McCarthy era other then to show what motivates Murrow to take chances as a journalist in playing McCarthy at every angle and calling him out on his factless rants.


As a viewer I was not impressed with being shown what I already knew about the "Red Scare" and its effects on Hollywood and I kept finding myself wanting to delve deeper into the lives of those around Murrow for some kind of substance but finding only bits and pieces to absorb with no real rewards.

My commitment to this film was placated by the extraordinary performance of David Strathairn as Murrow and the very short run time of 90 minutes. Other then that the film was lacking. If your looking for the story of the little man taking on the big man I'd suggest The Aviator and if your looking for a good film about the McCarthy era I suggest Guilty By Suspicion, a film which keeps the McCarthy hearings at its core but wraps the subject with the face of human effect on those who would be labeled communists in the 50's and their day to day struggles.

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By Mark Ash
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