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North Country Movie Review - Charlize Theron

March 26th 2006

North Country Movie Review - Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Coming off the success of her indie film Whale Rider Niki Caro makes an attempt at a true tale of sexism and prejudice in the work place with North Country starring Charlize Theron and a supporting cast much to large to list here. Where to begin?

The movie is a film that some people will have to see if only for the historical (although inaccurate) presence that it had on Unions and big companies. It comes at you with an angle much like the usual media outlet will come at you these days.

They lay the foundation thick for a woe-is-me tale and transform every living object around the lead character into monster figures so in the end if your not on her side then your sexist. My biggest problem with the film is that it has no one that is in the least bit easy to like. Everyone in the film has their undesirable quirks that make it hard to stay interested in the film. Was I frustrated by the sexism in this film? Yes, but probably too often.


The film starts off with the story of a battered wife and an uncaring father and then moves into a long drawn out mess of characters that do nothing but bad and make horrible decisions, even the children in the film.

To make matters worse some scenes are so blown out of proportion in such an Oliver Stone kind of way that the connection the film and viewer have to work so hard to obtain becomes less bonded. Case in point; there is a scene in the film that takes place in a court room where Theron's lawyer (played by Woody Harrelson) simply badgers the witness to death and the judge cannot seem to find order and then allows the testimony of said witness to go on the record despite the fact.

Its outbursts like this and others that take away creditability from the storytelling. In the end I feel that I pulled away from this one with a vague but insightful understanding of what the film was portrayed, but I was not 100% invested in the film after over 2 hours of negativity and often lagging storylines to care one way or another about it.  Comment on this at our forum

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By Mark Ash
Freelance Writer



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