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Upcoming Movies - X-Men - Superman Returns - Pirates of the Caribbean - Fearless - Pathfinder - Cars - And other Summer Blockbusters

April 24th 2006

Upcoming Movies - X-Men - Superman Returns - Pirates of the Caribbean - Fearless - Pathfinder - Cars - And other Summer Blockbusters


The Da Vinci Code - You have Ron Howard and Tom Hanks not to mention Audrey Tautuo of Amelie fame, but the film is also based on a best selling book. Will it live up to the hype, or has all of this publicity been just negative jargon from the Church fueling the fire.

Over The Hedge- The kids movies are coming and we all know what that means. Packing the kids in the car or truck and shipping them down to the theater and either being disappointed but getting a good nap in or laughing our collective butts off. Time will tell. This one looks funny enough though.

Twelve and Holding- Probably another film that will find itself in limited release, which is a shame, but with a plot so twisted and realistic dealing with youthful angst, sexuality, and revenge you can't go wrong. Then again because big named studio's never really throw into the kettle the kind of money they do when dealing with PR for more mainstream films we never know untill were there.


X3: The Last Stand- With original director Bryan Singer off on his Superman Returns project will we find the X Men franchise in ruins or will it be better then ever. New director Brett Ratner hasn't had much success behind camera but stranger things have happened in Hollywood. Here’s hoping. Comment on this Article at our Forum

Cars- The new Pixar film worries me. With the success of every single film Pixar has put out the formula has been worn on sleeve literally. My biggest concern is that they use NASCAR as a draw (the film will début here at the NASCAR track in North Carolina) which commercial endorsement has never been an issue before. Secondly the previews let on as if there maybe some innuendo's used in the film (Owen Wilson’s character mentions some pin striping on another cars tail. Harmless maybe but Pixar has never has to stoop even that close before) which would be a first. Hopefully the film will stand in the long line of tradition that has made Pixar loved by all.

Nacho Libre- Jack Black teams up with Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess in this film which is so oddly plotted that you just know its got to be funny. I have no doubt I'll be rolling in the aisles.


Click- Even though Adam Sandler has made it into my eBay bargain bin this film looks as if it could be funny. Why they cast Kate Beckinsale is beyond me, maybe the suits know Sandler has been somewhat of a pariah the past few years as well. Hopefully it will be good.

Superman Returns- I have my doubts about this film. Not that Singer can't pull it off but I mean...who cares. We all know the story of Superman and his fight with Lex Luthor. Why start there? I would have been happier to see a more current Superman tale that is darker and more complex then what I would think is going to be bubble gum for the kiddies who missed out, who in fact probably don't care either. Hopefully it will be entertaining enough to be worth having it made.


Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest- Yes we all know verey woman in the world will see this film simply for Bloom and Depp and some of the lower life forms in the men’s circuit will flock to once again see the Wynona Ryder clone known as Keira Knightly but in my opinion, and it is just that, this film looks as if it will suffer the same plague of CGI that alienated fans from the newest Star Wars Trilogy.

A Scanner Darkly- Damn it if I'm not going to be dishing out my dollar for another Keanu Reeves film but this one looks oddly drawing. Darkly is based on Philip K. Dick's novel of the same name and draws in a slew of big name stars. In every interview I've ever seen or read not even the stars know what this film is about but who cares, it looks cool.

Pathfinder- Ever since my run in with Nancy Farmers novel The Sea of Trolls I have been on a Viking high. In this film Vikings come ashore from Iceland to the America's and wreak havoc on a Native American tribe but in the process leave one of their young behind. The boy grows up in the Native American culture and becomes one of them. Eventually the Vikings return and the boy who has become a man leads the Natives against the invading Horde. Stars Karl Urban (Eomer of Lord of the Rings fame).

Lady In The Water- M. Night Shyamalan's newest attempt. Who knows what it is but with Paul Giamatti attached I'm game.

Fearless- Jet Li's final martial arts film (according to Li himself), hopefully it isn't true, and hopefully he realizes all he really needs to do is find himself some decent scripts and he'll have fame faster then Keanu Reeves can learn his lines. This film was halted when the family of Huo Yuanjia (the man this film is based on) protest the misinterpretation of his story.

Marie Antoinette- Even with Kursten Dunst at the lead and Coppola's less then exuberant cousin (Jason Schwartzmen) in the film I can't help but believe Sofia Coppola can do no wrong. Behind the camera that is.

The Prestige- Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale play magicians in the turn of the century London whose relationship turns murderous. Also stars the beautiful Scarlet Johanson and even David Bowie has a part in the film.

Stranger Than Fiction- Even though I truly hate the opportunity that has been blessed upon Will Ferrel and his complete lack of talent there of I find myself oddly drawn to this film. Fiction plots Ferrel as an IRS auditor who suddenly has a voice in his head that tells him of his imminent death. This is not a comedy and this will truly tell if Ferrel will be anything other then what the press have begun to title him as "Manboy". Forgive me if I'd want to run from that title as quickly as possible Sadly even if he fails we will probably never see the day when Ferrel does not have a film ready to hit the big screen.

Skinwalkers- Another werewolf war film but the hype is so huge that publicity has already begun and the film is coming out in October. Roswell fans might flock to see Jason Behr and they might not.

Eragon- The film will be huge even though the first book in the series was a snore fest. Here's hoping for some Hollywood stretches.

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