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Pamela Anderson To Get Married In Saint Tropez July 29th To Kid Rock - Her Diary and Conversation with Howard Stern

July 20th 2006

Pamela Anderson To Get Married In Saint Tropez July 29th To Kid Rock - Her Diary and Conversation with Howard Stern


Pamela Anderson says she is going to marry rock star Kid Rock on July 29th on a yacht near Saint Tropez in the Mediterranean.  This is where Pamela celebrated her 29th birthday.  She says in her diary on July 18th, "Yes. I'm finally getting remarried...it's been a whirlwind...spontaneous but well thought through. Feels like I've been stuck in a time warp. Not able to let go of MY family picture...it's been sad and lonely and frustrating.”

She wrote in her online Diary that “I’m in a very romantic mood,” on July 11th. She added “Life is wonderful”. Us Magazine reported that her rep told them “They’ve been close for a very long time and decided that now is the right time to take the next step.  They couldn’t be happier about their future together.”


But these stories get juicier.  Extra TV asked the question Wednesday if she was pregnant.  They say the Anderson camp is not talking. 

The Daily News says that she forgot to tell longtime friend Howard Stern who she was marrying when she called into his show. 

Sterns says "This is my observation about it. Usually when someone tells you they are getting married, you immediately know who they are marrying because there's been some sort of history with that person. I was like, 'Gee, I don't know who she's marrying.' And halfway through the message she still hadn't mentioned who she was marrying … and I am listening, and I am going, 'I still don't know who she is marrying.'" 


So Stern asked her who she was marrying.  She told him “'I am marrying Bobby … you know, Bobby … Bob … Kid Rock.' She went through three or four different names. I was surprised, because I did not even know they were back together.”

She wrote in her online diary “I've raised my kids alone in hope of a miracle. Well my miracle came and went. And came back and came back because he knew that I'd wake up one day and realize that I was waiting for nothing. I'm moving on."

“I feel like I'm finally free....I'm in love. I'm happy....I see the light...sounds dramatic but it's true.....I know some women can relate to this....My children are getting older. They know the truth and they are strong, smart kids. They love their Dad. They love their new Step Dad who they've known for years...time will pass. Wounds will heal. Some people may never grow up. Actions speak louder than words....watch!”

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