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Jennifer Lopez May Be Pregnant - Rumors Swirl She may have a Baby - Drops Role in Dallas Movie - Leaves Asian and European Tour

August 5th 2006

Jennifer Lopez May Be Pregnant - Rumors Swirl She may have a Baby - Drops Role in Dallas Movie - Leaves Asian and European Tour

Jennifer Lopez

Recently Jennifer Lopez left the Dallas set and now rumors are swirling that she is pregnant.  Lopez has said that ‘I want kids, one day, you know.  When it comes to balance between my professional life and my personal life, it's a slow learning curve.'

The actress / singer cancelled her Europe and Asia tour in May.  Now she has given up her role as Sue Ellen in the upcoming movie, Dallas.  Sue Ellen is the alcoholic wife of J R Ewing, who will be played by John Travolta.

Dallas originated as a TV show between 1978 and 1991.  The long running show started Larry Hagman as J R Ewing and Linda Gray as Sue Ellen.  Other stars from the original series include Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing, Victoria Principal as Pamela Barnes Ewing, Priscilla Presley as Jenna Wade and George Kennedy as Carter KcKay.


The new film is still in negotiation, but Luke Wilson may play Bobby Ewing, Shirley MacLaine may play Miss Ellie Ewing.  Other possible cast members include Kaie Cassidy and Marcia Cross.

According to the Deadbolt website, it was Jennifer Lopez’s involvement in the project that supposedly kept Jennifer Garner from taking a role in the film. Jennifer Garner was rumored to be set to play Pamela Ewing but backed out after Jennifer Lopez was cast because she was concerned about on-set tension, due to their mutual history with Ben Affleck.  Now Garner may come back.


Lopez is married to Mark Anthony.

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