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Is Pamela Anderson Pregnant? Second Wedding in Detroit - Cindy Crawford Poll Dance Competition - Ryan Seacrest Interview KIIS FM

August 7th 2006

Is Pamela Anderson Pregnant? Second Wedding in Detroit - Cindy Crawford Poll Dance Competition - Ryan Seacrest Interview KIIS FM

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson hinted on the daytime Ryan Seacrest radio show on KIIS 102.7 FM, that she might be pregnant.  The actress / model told Seacrest that ďIíve never been happierĒ.  Then Seacrest asked her about plans for extending her and Kid Rockís family and she said ďThere might be one in there now."  Kid Rocks real name is Bob Ritchie.

Anderson has planned four weddings.  The first took place last weekend on a yacht off of St. Tropez, France.  This first wedding was not considered legal because in France you must first have a civil wedding at the mayorís office.  The couple was also married in a courthouse ceremony in Detroit, Michigan Saturday. According to People Magazine, this second wedding was not legal either.   ďA search of public records has not yet yielded a marriage license for the couple.Ē


People Magazine could be wrong.  Pamela told Ryan Seacrest the wedding in Detroit was legal.  Anderson also told Seacrest about her poll-dance competition with Cindy Crawford.  Here is the text of the conversation:

PAMELA ANDERSON: Iím in Detroit.

RYAN SEACREST: So youíre at the next wedding?

PAMELA ANDERSON: Iím not at the next wedding. Iím just here hanging out with my kids and the pool. Itís beautiful here and Iím just having a good time. The honeymoon continues.


RYAN SEACREST: Is it legally recognized as a marriage or not?

PAMELA ANDERSON: Well, yes it is because we just hit the courtroom yesterday on the way to the airport.

RYAN SEACREST: Ok so thereís only one more wedding?

PAMELA ANDERSON: Thereís only one more wedding yes, for the kids.


RYAN SEACREST: Have you recovered from St. Tropez?


RYAN SEACREST: There were photos of you up this morning pole dancing with Cindy Crawford [at the wedding reception].

PAMELA ANDERSON: Cindyís wild. I shouldnít say that.

RYAN SEACREST: You guys had a pole dance-off?

PAMELA ANDERSON: I think everybody did, guys, girls everything. It was a big fiasco.  It was awesome. We had a lot of fun.

RYAN SEACREST: Youíre back with Kid Rock, you were with him before. Why is this time different?

PAMELA ANDERSON: You guys have no clue. But weíre all happy and in love and itís been a long process like anybody whoís had a relationship, but itís just wonderful and weíre both happy and itís very exciting. Iíve never been happier.

RYAN SEACREST: Do you think you will have kids with Kid?

PAMELA ANDERSON: Never know, might be one in there now (laughs)Ö

RYAN SEACREST: Will [Kid Rock] move out here [to L.A.]?

PAMELA ANDERSON: Well, weíve got places all over the place. Iíve got a house in Canada, Iíve got house in Detroit now, Malibu. Weíre just running around being little kids.

RYAN SEACREST: What do we call you now?

PAMELA ANDERSON: Um, I donít know . . . Mrs. Rock? Yeah, you can call me that.

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