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Quit Whining About the High Price of Gas and Oil Company Profits

April 30th 2006

Quit Whining About the High Price of Gas and Oil Company Profits

High Price of Gas

Quit whining about the price of gas.  You voted for this administration who, from day one, has been better lobbyists for the oil companies than the companies’ paid guns on K Street.  You supported their adventures abroad without any questioning why we had to go or what the outcome would be, nodding your heads to the jingoism spewed to make you feel good about yourself while buying your Made in China American flags to mount on your Made in Canada SUVs.  What sacrifices did you make?  What sacrifices were expected from you?  Now you can sacrifice for the greater good of Exxon’s management.

Did you think that instability in the Middle East was going to decrease the price of oil?  Now the oil companies are making record profits and you’re complaining.  Do you expect the oil companies to patriotically bite the bullet and cut their profit margins so you don’t have to dip into your savings to drive your land yacht to work?  These aren’t American companies, folks; these are multinational corporations that could care less about US interests, let alone your interests.  They’d light a puppy dog on fire if they could make a buck off it.


What do you expect this administration or this congress to do?  Unfettered capitalism is one of cornerstones of the Republican Party, so do you really think they’re going to do anything more than feign outrage and supply a little lip service to it?  That’s all they’ve had to do in the past to satisfy you.  Why would they do anything different now?  Comment on this article at our Forum

Oh, and quit your bitching about health insurance, drug prices, and the Medicare Drug Plan while you’re at it.  You elected a group of people betrothed to corporate interests so don’t expect them to do anymore for you than that patronizing nationalistic crap you received in the past; it was good enough for you then, and it’ll be all you get now.  “Hey, he’s wearing a flag pin and said, ‘The American people are the greatest.’  He’s really looking out for us.”


PS – The Democrats aren’t much better, but it’s not like you’re going to vote for a third party candidate since its just throwing away your vote, right?

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By John Conrad
Freelance Writer

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