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Biblical Creation vs. Creationism

June 26th, 2006

Biblical Creation vs. Creationism

Painting of Adam and Eve

Most everyone around the world know little about what "creationism" is.  They may think that they want it taught in schools, but have no idea what the curriculum would be made of.  Therefore, consider the following facts.

Biblical Creation is the doctrine that God created this particular universe, starting with the planet Earth. That is all that can be said of it.  Biblical Creation should only be taught in an advanced "Bible Theory" class.

It is up to the geologist to determine "when" creation occurred, which is accepted as being 4.6 billion years ago.  Genesis does not tell us how God created the Earth. 


Anyone saying differently is unqualified to speak on the subject.  There are no "creation accounts" in Genesis, regardless of what bible scholars and theologians say.

Creationism is the undisciplined doctrine that Genesis teaches how God created the Earth.  "Young Earth" creationism is the foolish teaching that the seven days in early Genesis is "Creation Week", and that it occurred 6,000 to 10,000 years ago.  Both points are false.

"Old Earth" creationism generally falls into two main categories:

  1. Theistic evolution, which calls God a liar by declaring that those seven days are each long ages of time, and that God did not create the Earth and universe in six days (144 hrs) as He said He did in Exodus 20:11.  Also it compromises by saying God directed evolution to promote life on Earth. 

  2. Variations of the "gap theory", which teaches that God first created a perfect world long ago, and suffered ruin after Genesis 1:1, having Genesis 1:2 as beginning the recent restoration of Earth.

Both above categories are in error.  From Genesis 1:2 thru Genesis 2:3, should be called "the seven days of Moses".  God revealed seven days from the past to Moses, in "biblical order", not chronological order.  It tells us what happened after creation (4.6 Billion BC), until the advent of modern mankind (7200 BC).  The correct reading of Genesis declares the existence of prehistoric mankind, and that Adam & Eve are just the most recent dispatch of humans God made on Earth, after the recent Ice Age.


Those that speak of "creationism vs. evolution" are speaking in ignorance, and have no idea what the facts are.  There is no such contest.  The opposing view of evolution is "the observations of Moses", not creationism.  Creationism in any form does not explain the 600+ million year fossil record. 

In biology science class, it would have to be the observations of Moses, not any form of creationism.  Unless Biblical Theory is introduced into the same venue that "the Big Bang" is being discussed, you are comparing apples with tomatoes.

Biblical Creation is the opposing view of "the Big Bang". Only the correct interpretation of Genesis chapter one explains what happened to life forms in prehistoric times.

Genesis chapter two conveys the origin of modern mankind, which began in about 7200 BC.  Both Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden until 4267 BC, when they were expelled. 

Previous life on Earth had been removed because of reoccurring mass extinctions, which is another story.

Intelligent Design is an inept, swallow doctrine that does not teach the students anything about past life forms.  It has nothing to say beyond "the composition of life is so complicated, that it had to have come about by a designer".  After that one sentence, it has nothing different or of value to offer, and is a near complete waste of scholastic time.

Now, about Edwards v. Aguillard, U.S. Supreme Court 482 U.S. 578 (1987), in which the high court correctly upheld that Creation Science should not be required to be taught whenever and where ever  evolution was taught, which was the "Creationism Act" which was passed in Louisiana.   The heart of the matter was that the apparent progression of prehistoric life forms on Earth through 600+ million years of  history was being discussed in schools.  Creation Science did not address that issue, but rather denied that there even was a 600+ million year history.  The Louisiana “Creationism Act”, which required that whenever and wherever evolution was taught, that Creation Science also had to be taught, created an inequity, which needed to be resolved.

The U.S. Supreme Court rightly decided the case.  Therefore, prehistoric history from Genesis can be taught.

This article is to inform all that a class on Genesis is available to science teachers.   The title of the course is "Moses & Creation: Biblical Reality".  It is a 12-hour class that tells the truth about the first three chapters of Genesis, so that the teachers won't be speaking in ignorance about what Genesis is saying to mankind.  Neither theology nor secular science are anywhere close to knowing what advanced scientific knowledge is contained in Genesis.

Therefore, any attempt to formulate any “creation” curriculum without correct technical advice from the leading expert is foolhardy, and is distribution of misinformation.

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Herman Cummings
Freelance Writer

About the writer:  Herman Cummings is a freelance writer from Georgia.

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