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School Boards Are Destroying America!

July 23rd 2006

School Boards Are Destroying America!

School Board Meeting

School Boards Are Destroying America!! Who gets elected to the local and state school boards?  The atheist, the blind, or the foolish? What issue are we trying to address here?  It’s the issue of teaching our students reality, and not giving a monopoly to insanity.

What are we speaking about?  You guessed it, the exclusive teaching of evolution in public school biology science classes! A lot of “empty wagons” get their voices heard, while the ones with the most wisdom in this area are muffled, if not totally ignored.  Its way past the time for parents to take action, and stop letting our children be indoctrinated in Atheism. What choice do we have?  Is there a resolution to the “creation/evolution controversy”?  No, there isn’t. 


It’s because there is no such controversy.  It doesn’t exist.  Only the ignorant and the hypocrite fuel the flames of that pseudo conflict. The opposing view of evolution is not creationism.  It really is “the observations of Moses”.  Genesis chapter one is about the ancient history of life forms on Earth, and is not about “Creation Week”.  Any so called bible scholar or theologian that says differently is ignorant of the text, and is not qualified to speak on the subject.

The leading expert on the book of Genesis has offered their class for science teachers to school boards in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands.  It was explained to them that science teachers must learn the truth about the scientific information contained in Genesis, so that the teachers can convey all sides of the issue to their students, instead of only teaching the biased views of secular science.

Since last year, all 50 governors, and their state education governing bodies, were informed of the 12 hour class (two days) for science teachers.  Three states mildly inquired concerning the class, but all of them were content with their teachers instructing our children in ignorance, and the continued indoctrination in Atheism.  Instead of trying to see if there is any truth or validity in what was being offered, they have kept their heads in the sand, not wanting their students to emerge out of the dark ages of prehistoric understanding.

Are all school board members as ridiculous as those elected in Kansas?

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Herman Cummings
Author of the unpublished manuscript, "Moses Didn't Write About Creation!!"  Contact Herman

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