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How DIRECTV Works - Concepts behind Satellite TV Network and  the Dish

February 2nd 2006

How DIRECTV Works - Concepts behind Satellite TV Network and  the Dish

Satellite Dish

DIRECTV technology uses a small ovular satellite dish for receiving satellite transmission signals from any one of its six highly powered photovoltaic satellites in geosynchronous orbit around the earth’s equator.

Each DIRECTV satellite with multiple transponders that relay DIRECTV signals from either of the two broadcasting stations (Castle Rock, Colorado or Los Angeles, California) that receive programming feed from any number of hundreds of content providers that send pre-recorded high-quality programming content through any a number of medias such as fiber optic cable, digital tape and most importantly, via satellite. Once this programming has been thoroughly digitalized and encrypted it is usually immediately up-linked for broadcasting.


DIRECTV Transmission

Sometimes pre-recorded shows however need to be screened and digitalized for the high DIRECTV standards. These are stored for later usage, but broadcasting a high-quality multi-channel digital signal from the programming station up to a satellite and then back down to the home is a work of pure genius. DIRECTV has been all about genius and creative innovation from its very foundations. DIRECTV sends a digital transmission from any of the six geosynchronously orbiting satellites above the equator down to the home owner’s satellite dish and to ensure a perfect reception, state of the art technology is used. MPEG-2 is the new form of world standards for digital audio-visual transmissions and is the kind of compressed digital information used by DIRECTV. Upon touching the DIRECTTV satellite dish above the home, the special DIRECTV system receives the signal and pipes it down to the family television set.


DIRECTV Reception

The DIRECTV system uses a satellite dish, an IRD receiver (integrated receiver/decoder) and a remote control. The satellite dish that DIRECTV uses is an antenna to receive signals from any one of the six satellites in geosynchronous orbit around the earth’s equator. The DIRECTV digital Integrated Receiver/Decoder separates each and every channel accordingly, decompresses and translates that signal so that a television is able to show it. The DIRECTV remote control is used for interactive interface with the IRD to achieve multiple functions including programming guide manipulation.

How DIRECTV works is easily stated in one word: PERFECTLY. With two broadcasting stations inside the continental United States, DIRECTV is certain to always broadcast clear signals out to any of the six satellites in geosynchronous orbit around the earth’s equator and the DIRECTV viewer is absolutely certain to always receive the highest quality digital MPEG-2 service available on the market today. DIRECTV is a world leader in satellite TV technology and one of the fastest growing electronics markets ever. MPEG-2 transmissions give DIRECTV an edge over the competition that will launch the world into a new era of satellite telecommunications and digital storage. DIRECTV costumers receive both high-quality multi-channel digital satellite broadcasting as well as high-quality service.  Related article:  The History of DIRECTV

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By Gary Davis
Gary Davis is owner of http://www.dtv-satellite.com an authorized DIRECTV retailer, has over five years experience in the Satellite TV business and has written numerous articles on the subject.


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