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Libertarian Coalition helps Stop Gas Tax Rise

January 30th 2006

Libertarian Coalition helps Stop Gas Tax Rise

Libertarians Stop the Gas Tax

St Petersburg, Florida--As if gas costs weren't high enough, officials in Pinellas county, Florida wanted to add more gas taxes, some feared as a prelude to a general tax rise. It looked like they would get it too, with a barrage of favorable media on the need to stop gas gouging and fund public services.

Not so fast, said the local Libertarian Party, headquartered in St. Petersburg. They held a public meeting, e-mailed and phoned aliies, contacted officials, and quickly cobbled an informal  coalition with the motto: "Why Are Taxes Your Major Cost?"

The Libertarians had already attracted attention by posting a link that gave the cheapest gas station at their site, and distributing thousands of flyers inviting people to check it out.



Officials have now announced that the tax rise plans are shelved for now. The Libertarians credit their allies and average  people who responded, but now say they're continuing to work to form a coalition, L-TIPS. It will call for less service taxes, increased property homestead-tax examptions, all while improving services through encouraging privatization, user circles, and business methods.

The Libertarians may have a shot. Libertarians in different states have established a growing trend of substantially cutting costs while increasing services, often by simply holding frank public meetings with workers and service users--taxpayers--to target opportunities already known, getting them on a to-do list, and ger enerally prodding change.

The county is on the same page with the Libertarians on that one, priding itself for being more advanced than other US counties in looking at alternatives to traditional government programs, and urging best practices--looking at things working well elsewhere--in mission statements. However, the Libertarians say that public interest in what is possible is in its infancy. They're looking to mobilize it to generate suggestions and signal officials that a bolder approach would be welcome.


Libertarians also have a good anti-tax record in Florida, working to cap homestead property rises and cut taxes on senior's retirement funds.

Meanwhile, the Pinellas Libertarians ( have taken the unusual measure of posting the county and state budgets on their site, along with an influential booklet on Libertarian proposals that have worked well elsewhere.It will also be holding "Listening Workshops" throughout the next year to get public feedback, it says.

Response so far seems encouraging. "This is the first time I ever saw a county budget. Thanks!" said one e-mail.

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By Mike Davis
Freelance Writer



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