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BlackBerry to Add Google Talk  - Local and Apple Mac Synchronization

January 13th 2006

BlackBerry to Add Google Talk  - Local and Apple Mac Synchronization


The BlackBerry has become very popular recently, and the maker of the device now plans to add new features by partnering with Google and an Apple accessory maker.  Research In Motion (RIM), the maker of Blackberry, plans on offering Google Talk instant messaging, Google Local and the ability to link its device to Apple computers for free.

Blackberry owners will be able to add a new version of the Google Talk instant messaging program, and also download a free program to synchronize their device with their Apple computers.  The Google Talk will be released in spring.

Users will probably love the new Google Local feature that can be downloaded right now.  This offers users the ability to search for local businesses.  It will also give them access to maps and satellite images.


According to the RIM press release ”Google Talk for BlackBerry is easy and intuitive to use. After downloading Google Talk for BlackBerry, users can quickly sign in through their Gmail™ username and password, access their existing Google Talk contact lists, see which Google Talk Friends are online, and send and receive instant messages.”

Information Appliance Associates will be providing a program allowing synchronization of the Blackberry and Macintosh computers.  The program will be downloadable in February for free.  This will allow Mac users to synchronize their calendar, e-mail, address book and other data between the computer and device.  Previously Blackberry owners needed to pay $29.95 for the PocketMac program that did the same thing.   

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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