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Microsoft Lawsuit Filed Against Eight eBay Sellers - Alleges Pirated Software Sold on Online Auction Site

March 17th 2006

Microsoft Lawsuit Filed Against Eight eBay Sellers - Alleges Pirated Software Sold on Online Auction Site

Ebay Website

Microsoft (MS) is suing eight sellers on eBay for distributing counterfeit computer software.  According to Microsoft, all but one seller was targeted when customers used the Microsoft online verification program called Windows Genuine Advantage.

This legal action is meant to “protect its legitimate business partners and customers from dishonest business practices and the risks associated with pirated and counterfeit software”, according to MS.  The company hopes to educate buyers that the low priced software offers are not always what they appear to be.

The eight defendants are located in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York and Washington.  Microsoft routinely monitors auction sites and offline locations for pirated software sales. They also promote a hotline for those that suspect piracy - 1-800-RU-LEGIT (785-3448).


Legitimate software sellers have complained since the 80’s that pirated software sellers harm their business.  Many of these legitimate sellers applaud this recent legal action.  According to Michael Schwab, vice president of purchasing for D&H, a wholesale distributor of computer and peripheral products, “Honest resellers are losing business because of illegal sales on online auction sites.”

The Business Software Alliance, claims that 21 percent of all software in the United States is pirated.  When a person unintentionally buys MS pirated software, they are not entitled to receive the benefits offered to genuine software users. These important benefits include technical support and free product updates.  This could leave buyers with inferior products, that won’t be updated to protect them from viruses, malicious code and spyware which may find their way onto their computer. 

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