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The California Governor is Out of Control Raising the Minimum Wage

January 12th 2006

The California Governor is Out of Control Raising the Minimum Wage

The Governor

The minimum wage law should be abolished.  Raising the minimum wage always hurts poor people and those on a fixed income the most. Wealthy and middle class citizens are not affected by a raise in the minimum wage.

The minimum wage raises the cost of everything, even though few people receive it.  It hurts small businesses more than big businesses.  Many of the smaller restaurants and retail stores pay their employees minimum wage, while the larger unionized stores pay their employees more. 

Labor unions also hurt poor people and people on fixed incomes.  These unions also hurt the US economy and help put Americans out of work. The unions make American products less competitive in the world market, and I believe is the primary factor for Americans losing manufacturing jobs to overseas competitors.

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So why has Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to hurt the California economy and make it harder for poor people to survive here?  The Governor is going along with a plan to raise the minimum wage a dollar over the next two years. 

The rise in the minimum will likely cost some of Californians their jobs and make it more difficult for them to find new ones.  The Governor has been “relatively” fiscally conservative up to now.  He has represented the fiscally conservative wing of the Republican Party while the President has lost all control over fiscal responsibility.

The governor said "we face more than $500 billion in infrastructure needs over the next 20 years."  He plans on spending $107 billion for transportation and air quality programs, $48.2 billion for school facilities, $11.7 billion for higher education facilities, $35 billion for flood control and water supply programs, $17.4 billion for public safety facilities, and $3.3 billion for courts and other public service facilities.

The issue is summed up well by Benjamin Powell writing for the Independent Institute “Schwarzenegger’s tenure as governor has been an utter disappointment for those who do not want California’s government to expand.”  Following the lead of other Republicans, the governor plans on borrowing money to help pay for the increase in spending.

The sales tax is the primary source of income for the State of California. There is a minimal income tax here, but the bulk of the taxes collected are through the sales of goods.  This type of tax hurts the poor more than the wealthy.  This prompts us to ask “why has the governor began this assault on the poor people”?


By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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